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How to use Snapchat on PC


Snapchat can be used on PC (Android Police)

Sunday 18 June 2023 / 20:38

Snapchat has always been a smartphone-only app, with no option to access the messaging service from a computer, and the feature won’t be available until the Snapchat web app launches in late 2022.

As reported by “Snapchat” website, here’s how to run Snapchat app on PC.Android PoliceEmail:

Visit the Snapchat web app using a web browser on your computer.
Enter your Snapchat account information and click the Sign In button.

Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone to verify the login attempt.
Click the Yes button to confirm that you are accessing Snapchat from a browser.
Double-check that the information including your username, the device the request is coming from, and location is correct. If the information on this screen does not match your account, click the Do not reject login attempt button.

On your computer, click the Start button to continue with Snapchat.
– Click OK button to dismiss the notification related message.
– Select Allow or Block in the upper right corner to grant or deny notification permission.
You can now use the Snapchat Web app on your computer.

Create a shortcut icon on the Snapchat desktop

Follow these steps to place the Snapchat web app shortcut on your desktop:

Click on the Snapchat profile icon in the top left corner.
Select the option to create a desktop shortcut.

Click the Install button or click the screen icon with the download arrow in the upper right corner of the address bar to bring up the Snapchat installation prompt. From there, click on the Install button.

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Snapchat web app shortcut is installed on your computer. Next is the new Snapchat shortcut icon placed on the desktop.
Enable the shortcut to go to the main Snapchat Messages screen.

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