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How we distinguish between influenza and corona infection .. Global health clarifies


Dr. Sylvie Bryant, director of the World Health Organization’s Department of Epidemiology and Epidemiology, explained that the flu is very common, especially during the season, with symptoms usually such as fever, headache and muscle aches, as well as signs of upper respiratory distress. Infections such as sneezing and coughing.

Sense of smell and taste

In an interview with Vismita Gupta Smith, in the 59th episode of the “Science in Five” program, the World Health Organization aired accounts on its official website and communication sites, saying that Dr. Bryant Covit-19 disease shares the same. Symptoms, basically, but in addition, there are other specific symptoms such as loss of sense of smell and taste, which explains why many people, especially young people, have experienced additional and specific symptoms of Govit-19.

But sometimes a person with the disease has very few symptoms of the flu or Govt-19, which really depends on the level of immunity, Dr. Bryant said.


Dr. Bryant stressed that it is important to be well aware that infection can be prevented with influenza or Govt _ 19 by following precautionary measures that work for both, especially diligence in hand washing, first-come, first-served ventilation of crowded rooms and wearing safety masks if windows cannot be opened. When adhering to physical distance, in a closed closed space.

Two vaccines at once

Dr. Bryant, the high-risk group of people with the flu, and those with basic conditions such as chronic respiratory diseases, cancer and heart disease, and these groups are very similar to the groups most vulnerable to Govt infection. 19 disease.

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But for the flu, pregnant women and children are more likely to get serious illnesses. Dr. Bryant stressed that it is safe to administer the flu and Govt-19 vaccines simultaneously, as some scientific studies have shown that it is safe to receive both vaccines at the same time. He added: But of course, you should consult your doctor about the importance of taking two vaccines.

Safety and efficacy of influenza vaccine

Dr. Bryant There are many, many more influenza viruses, and they actually change a lot. Therefore, it is important to know the viruses that exist in a particular environment so that the antigen of this virus can be vaccinated, for this reason 136 laboratories around the world are constantly monitoring the viruses. Twice a year, not only hold a meeting of experts, but also determine what viruses are in certain parts of the world.

Vaccines for both hemispheres

Dr. Bryant said two meetings are held each year to discuss the components of two flu vaccines, one for the Northern Hemisphere and the other for the Southern Hemisphere. The flu vaccine has been around for decades, making it the safest vaccine.

But it is very important to hold expert meetings every year to determine the composition of the vaccine, and the appropriate component of the component vaccine was developed to ensure the best protection against the viruses that spread at the specified time. Experts recommend getting vaccinated so that individuals in communities can be protected from the risk of death when the tide of severe flu and influenza infection is severe.

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