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Hubble telescope captures a “ghost” in the sky – Al Bilad newspaper


Washington agencies

The Hubble Space Telescope has revolutionized the world of space. Using the Hubble Advanced Camera for research, he most recently captured stunning images of a distant galaxy surrounded by a ghostly nebula.
The galaxy is called NGC 6684, and it is a convex galaxy (or a lenticular galaxy), a type of disc galaxy that is a cross between a spiral and an elliptical galaxy, and is located about 44 million light-years away. Earth in the constellation Peacock. According to Russia Today.
Lenticular galaxies have a central bulge and disk, but lack the distinctive arms of spiral galaxies like our own Milky Way. Lenticular galaxies typically have older star clusters; Because it doesn’t contain much interstellar matter.
This dust and gas is necessary for the formation of new stars. As a result, galaxies emit a faint glow that, combined with their obscure structures, appears “ghostly”; According to a report by NASA.
The research aims to study galaxies 32.6 million light-years away that Hubble missed. The constellation Peacock, where NGC 6684 is located, can be seen in the southern sky and is one of four constellations; They are collectively known as southern birds.

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