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Comedy in the digital age

A comedy (usually a joke) is said to be a reflection of a crying reality, and if the level of laughter in the comedy is high, there will be more humor in it before reality, especially as political humor is always a “brilliant” expression of rejection and a kind of disguise awareness. However, do you need masks to express the feeling itself?

What is the use of paradox in the reality that in the Arab world has become more of a clown than a comedy, the tools of these world regimes are nothing more than imaginary comedy sketches that are overused in the media in all its forms. Is it sometimes possible to classify in the entertainment industry without the slightest hesitation at some Arab stations ?!

In the pre-satellite channel era, the information technology revolution and the YouTube industry became a legendary event, with satire in journalism, literature, drama, cinema and television often being a window into exposure and sometimes indirect opposition. Typography is not supported by graphic, image and visual effects techniques, nor by an accessible audio or visual archive. The satirical writing is hard to dig into the rock of reality to bring out the simultaneous fun and weeping contradiction. It was fun because the truth was exaggerated in its cruelty.

For example, Muhammad al-Mahmud, a writer and satirist, was able to extract ridicule from the tyranny of power. The image of this pathetic tiger.Muhammad Tamila in Jordan was an absurd reality to the extent of pain, able to shake his head sadly and draw a smile between his lines. If you’ve ever laughed at a joke or a ridiculous “evil” you know the ugliness of the material in it.

Television was a broadcasting tool for drama and cinema, the idea of ​​a political cabaret emerged, in which Duraid Laham was among its stars, who retained Nihat Kalai’s creativity in social criticism and later returned to feed him. On the genius of the Maghout. Today, traditional satire literature, with all its genius at the time, has become mere books in a museum, with no one laughing at its contradictions and no one seeing the brilliant humor drawn in its current reality.

Reality itself has become the most ridiculous comedy, expanding on its endless contradictions, to the point where capturing the contradiction captures an intense scene. To me the master of satire literature was the late Turkish “Aziz Nesin”, who throughout his life was a critic of Turkish power, due to the stories that touched the concerns of the Turks and the remnants of geographical proximity and “Ottoman influence”. In Levant, his satire was understandable in the Arab East, and even the great artist Yasser al-Asma used the stories of Aziz Nesin in his many seasons in his famous series “Mirrors”. The comedy reflects the reality around it in general and in all its stages and genres, and was a great example of the famous joke about the Spanish dictator Franco, in which he says he was listening to the screams of the masses on his deathbed. Outside his window, he asked those around him about it, and they said to him: It is the masses, they have come to say good-bye to you. Franco: Why? Where are they going?

* Jordanian writer based in Belgium.

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