June 3, 2023

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Hundreds of flights have been canceled in Shanghai due to corona damage

Hundreds of flights have been canceled in Shanghai due to corona damage

Shanghai – AFP

On Friday, China canceled hundreds of flights, closed some schools and halted tourism after being diagnosed with the “Govit-19” virus in Shanghai, pushing the host country for the Winter Olympics. A few months before the start of the Olympic Games on February 4 in Beijing, China wants to reduce the risks of pollution and adopt a health policy aimed at preventing any epidemic.
This is reflected in the adoption of strict restrictions on entry into its territory, the imposition of compulsory isolation, and extensive testing as soon as a small number of infections appear.
Furthermore, all movements are carefully monitored by mobile applications, which allow the identification of contact events.
Local officials said Thursday that three friends who traveled around Shanghai last week had been tested positive for the “corona” virus and all of them had been vaccinated. More than 500 flights were canceled on Friday from two airports in the Chinese economic capital to prevent the virus from spreading to other areas, according to the special website FarFly.
Shanghai Municipality has suspended all tour group trips to the nearby city of Suzhou, where the three injured were visiting.
Sujo, with a population of about 13 million, is famous for its canals and imperial plantations. The city has closed its tourist sites and now requires a test to prove that those who want to move to another area are not infected.
In the larger Shanghai region, a university campus was isolated following an outbreak of infection among staff, according to official newspapers.
Despite this small number, which is not comparable to those recorded in other regions of the world, authorities have been vigilant since last month to control a limited outbreak of the virus, but it has spread to many provinces. The Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in a “bubble” that separates athletes from other people.
Approximately 3,000 athletes must be vaccinated or subjected to three weeks of isolation upon arrival. They should then be subjected to daily testing.

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