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Hussein Fahmi: Egyptian and Arabian cinema sees a new reality


Fahmy, considered one of the most important Egyptian artists in history Cairo Film Festival International, its 44th edition will take place next, between November 26th and December 10th.

The President of the Festival wants to convey to the world the honorable image of Egyptian and Arabian cinema through the screens of the Opera House.To Cairo.

Fahmi leads one of the most important in an exclusive interview with “Sky News Arabia” Festivals In the Arab region, he is determined to focus on humanitarian issues.

Fahmi said his second appointment as president of the Cairo Film Festival, which he will attend at the Cannes Film Festival from May 17 to 28, prompts him to do what he can to serve his country.

The Egyptian star added, “I am currently in Cannes looking for jurors and selecting good international films worthy of participation in the next session of the Cairo Festival, in which Egypt wants to present its best. A place in world cinema.”

Hussein Fahmi pointed out that “Egypt and Arab cinema are seeing a new reality after the Corona crisis”, indicating his awareness of this since he was appointed director of the Cairo Film Festival.

He continued, “Arab and Egyptian cinema is advancing using technology.

Fahmi added: “We must open the doors to the excellence of cinematic art.” “The main purpose of cinema is to bring humanity closer to one another and to people.”

On the other hand, the chairman of the Cairo Film Festival supported the idea of ​​dialogue and discussion, and the cinema presented all the topics without hindrance, adding: “Everyone in the cinema has a table that is open to the audience. Take what they want, even in the theater. Conversation is the most important thing in art, no matter the difference.

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Fahmy affirmed that today’s generation of young Egyptian filmmakers consider themselves “one of the most vocal defenders of the idea of ​​uniting generations with their full potential.”

He added: “Many years ago, when I was the chairman of the festival, I was one of the strongest defenders in blending the presence of the youth and their vision with the experience I belonged to. I still have responsibilities to serve Egyptian cinema. I hope that will provide a good unity of doing. “

Fahmi summed up his artistic vision leading up to the next session of the Cairo Festival: “I have a progressive vision. Today we are in 2022, we need to talk about the future and focus on the development we have now achieved in cinema. The status of ideas or technology.”

He added, “It is fundamental because the history of Egyptian cinema is well known, dignified and endearing, and looking to the future has always been the most important thing to me.”

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