June 3, 2023

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After several days of worrying ... "reassuring" statements about monkey disease

After several days of worrying … “reassuring” statements about monkey disease

A senior executive World Health OrganizationOn Monday, there was no evidence that the system was viral Monkey disease This has changed, indicating that the disease found in West and Central Africa has not changed.

“Mutations with this virus are usually minimal, but the genetic sequence will help to better identify and understand the current wave of transmission,” Rosamond Lewis, director of the majesty department of the WHO Emergency Program, told reporters.

Mutations in viruses create other copies of them, and hinder the efforts of scientists to find ways to prevent or treat the diseases they cause.

In the same context, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) announced:European Institute of Health), On Monday said the risk of spreading the rare disease among the population was “very low”.

“Most of the current cases were with mild symptoms of the disease, and in the general population, the probability of transmission is very low,” said Andrea Amon, director of the agency.

But he added that “the potential for the virus to spread through close contact with multiple sexual partners is high.”

As of May 21, the World Health Organization has received reports of 92 cases of monkey flu, and 28 suspected cases from 12 non-communicable countries, including several European countries, the United States, Australia and Canada.

On Monday, the Danish Epidemiology Agency announced that it was confirming the first case of the disease in the Scandinavian country.

“I am concerned about the increasing number of cases of monkey pox in the European Union and around the world,” said Stella Krikidis, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety. We are watching the situation closely. “

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He pointed out that “the probability of the spread of the disease among the general population is low” and it is necessary to “stay alert” and ensure that appropriate tests are carried out to detect contacts.

Symptoms of monkey box include fever, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, cold, fatigue, and rash on hands and face.

The disease has not yet been treated, but symptoms usually resolve after 2 to 4 weeks.

The disease is endemic in 11 African countries.

According to the European Agency, the virus can cause serious illness in some groups, such as children, pregnant women and people with immunodeficiency.

The agency also noted the risk of transmission from humans to animals, which it said was “at risk of becoming a common disease in Europe.”