June 2, 2023

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هيونداي تحول روبوت Spot إلى حارس لمصانعها بعد استحواذها على بوسطن ديناميكس بالبلدي

Hyundai transforms Spot Robot into guard for its factories after acquiring Boston Dynamics

Last June, the South Korean company acquired Boston Dynamics, a leading company that specializes in robotics, and the deal was officially finalized a few months after it was first announced, which would finally allow the automaker to officially enter the robotics industry.

South Korean automaker Hyundai first unveiled the work of the famed spot robot, renaming it the Industrial Security Service robot, and by its name the general trend of employing the robot in the company’s factories is clear. In the protection of the group’s factories.

The robot can operate independently or can be controlled remotely by a team crew because it is fitted with a lidar heat camera. Hyundai has officially completed its acquisition of Boston Dynamics for $ 1.1 billion, in which the South Korean company will acquire an 80% stake, while the Japanese company Softbank will acquire a 20% stake, mostly in Boston’s former owner Dynamics. Shares of the company.

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