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بالبلدي : أسباب تجعل الولادة في الشتاء أفضل من الصيف

Reasons why having a baby in winter is better than summer

Belpaladi many Women Schedule an order Birth As women who get married before getting pregnantPregnancy and birth They read about pregnancy and childbirth before pregnancy to be ready for anything, so they plan ahead.

Many women know that giving birth in the winter is better for themselves and their baby than summer, so they plan to give birth in the winter, but many secretly wonder why the baby and mother prefer winter over the summer.

It is better to have a baby in the winter because the baby sleeps faster in the winter, so the baby tends to sleep faster in the cold winter without taking any effort, and unlike the summer, he does not need to change his clothes much and suffers from sweating and heat.

Also, going out in the winter is less than usual in the summer, and it gives you and your kids a chance to hang out with him in public in the summer.

In addition, the last months of pregnancy will not be stressful for you, unlike summer, which is very stressful due to skin problems caused by high heat and sweating of the baby’s sensitive skin.

Babies need exposure to sunlight to get vitamin D, and your baby will get it when exposed to sunlight in the winter, unlike sunlight in the summer, which will keep your baby warm.

A baby born in the winter represents a warming center for his mother, and if you carry him into the baby carrier or you hug him, you will feel her closeness in any position and the warmth he gives her, the exact opposite if she gives birth to him in the summer.

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Also, after childbirth, women need warm drinks, which play a major role in cleansing the uterus and reducing pain, which is more acceptable in winter than in summer.

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