April 2, 2023

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I am the son of an amateur theater, of which I am proud .. Video

I am the son of an amateur theater, of which I am proud .. Video

Speaking at a press conference at the 14th National Drama Festival of Egyptian Writers, Best Artist Farouk Flux said: “I am a graduate of amateur theater and university theater, of which I am proud,” artists who started from university theater, whose souls are inspired to stick to the amateur spirit, even after professionalism.

For example, artist Farooq Flux, a graduate of the University Theater, the late great artist Fuad al-Mohandes, guest Ahmed and artist Osama Abbas all continued to work for the amateur spirit after professionalism.

The Flux playwright has special characteristics, and no artist can be called a playwright.

Not long ago, a press conference for the 14th National Drama Festival was launched in the presence of Egyptian Writers’ Session, artist Farooq Flux, artist Mohammed Riyadh, a member of the festival’s high committee, and artist Ismail Mukhtar. Art Gallery and Festival Director and Artist Yusuf Ismail, Festival President, Critic and Poet Jerkus. Thanks.

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