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Ibrahim Issa: Mohamed Salah faces a brutal war and is the most successful Egyptian citizen in the world | News

Ibrahim Salah, the star of the national football team, was defended by the media, Ibrahim Isa, after missing one of the penalty kicks in a match between “Barros” and Senegal in the decisive round of the World Cup qualifiers. Tuesday evening.

Ibrahim Issa said during a presentation on the “Cairo Dog” show aired on Al-Ghahira Wal-Nass channel: Mohamed Salah is the best Egyptian player in the history of Egyptian football and the real Egyptian legend, and I believe in the future, and the most successful Egyptian citizen in the world.

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He added: “There is an attempt to morally assassinate, distort and defame Mohamed Salah for losing a match and wasting a penalty kick. Maradona and Messi did it before him, no one and no other great footballers blame them, Mohamed Salah stands to one side with all the football geniuses.

He continued, “Mohamed Salah cannot be blamed in any way for the problems of Egyptian football, especially in its management system, and Mohamed Salah is the first innocent in this story and the first hero in the Egyptian football arena, model and role model, her hatred of Egypt can not leave him in a brutal war. “

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Salah was subjected to laser lights confusion attempts while preparing to take a penalty kick yesterday and the international press was curious about the outcome of the match and focused on that laser. Masses on Mohamed Salah during the first penalty kick he missed.

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The Egyptian team failed to reach the “Qatar 2022” World Cup final after losing 3-1 to Senegal in a return match that combined them in the capital Tucker on Tuesday evening.

Senegal striker Paule Dia scored the only winning goal for his country in the third minute of the match, ending the first leg in Cairo, but in favor of “Barros”.

He missed penalty kicks for the Egyptian national team, with Mohamed Salah, Ahmed Syed Jizo and Mostafa Mohamed, while Amr al-Sulaiya scored Egypt’s only goal.


And the coach of the Egyptian national team, Carlos Guerrero, has announced his withdrawal from coaching the Pharaohs for failing to qualify for the World Cup.

“It’s time to hand over the leadership of the Egyptian national team to someone else,” Kuros said at a post – match press conference.

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