May 27, 2022

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The WHO talks about 3 scenes related to the corona, including the appearance of a very malignant mutant

The WHO talks about 3 scenes related to the corona, including the appearance of a very malignant mutant

The World Health Organization (WHO) has outlined three possible outbreaks of the Govt-19 epidemic this year, pointing to the emergence of a new mutant in a worse situation, which is far more serious than it has killed millions over the past two years. Before.

According to the UN, this is less tragic and is based on a gradual decline in the severity of the disease caused by the corona virus, thanks to the better immunity of the population.

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization released a revised version of its strategic plan to fight the epidemic.

The organization’s director general, Tetros Adanom Caprese, believes it will be the last project, while the virus, first detected in China in late 2019, has spread around the world and caused six million deaths. For official statistics, this is undoubtedly much lower than the actual numbers.

“Based on what we know now, the virus will continue to develop, but thanks to the vaccine and the infection, the virus of the disease it causes will be reduced a little bit by increasing immunity,” Tetros told reporters. Conference.

When the immune system weakens again, the number of infections can peak from time to time, especially those who are weak enough to be given a booster dose of the vaccine.

“Under the best of circumstances, we will see the emergence of fewer virus mutants, and no new combinations of booster doses and vaccines are needed to combat them,” the WHO director added.

However, he explained, “In the worst case scenario, the most serious and most contagious virus emerges. In the face of this new threat, people’s (obtained) protection from the acute symptoms of disease or death by previous vaccination or infection will soon decline.”

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In this case, existing vaccines need to be substantially modified to ensure that they are given to the most vulnerable.

Even in its current version, “the virus still has a lot of potential,” said Maria van Kerkov, who led the fight against Kovit at the World Health Organization.

Last week, more than 10 million people were affected and 45,000 died, according to figures sent to the World Health Organization. However, this figure is inevitably higher than announced.

Many countries have removed most of the health restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the disease, while at the same time drastically reducing the number of exams, making it more difficult to monitor the spread of the disease.