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Ida is a tropical recession after the disaster in Louisiana


On Monday evening, Louisiana residents began assessing the extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Ida, whose governor described it as a disaster, with thousands of people stranded along Lake Tahoe in the poorest states in the United States before power outages, flooding and roofs break, leading to a tropical recession over Mississippi. The evacuation order was issued more than two weeks before it was threatened by a fire.

The first definite result of Hurricane Ida was the power outage of more than a million homes Monday evening, according to the U.S. Power Out website. The hurricane, which was blowing at 240 kilometers per hour, hit the Louisiana coast directly on Sunday. “The damage is truly devastating,” Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards told the NBC. A man has died after falling from a tree in the town of Fryville while trying to cross a flooded road in New Orleans. In addition, the U.S. Department of Defense confirmed that the Disaster Management Agency, with the support of the National Guard, had sent more than 5,200 people to help the victims. President Joe Biden said federal assistance would continue “until needed” in a meeting with Federal Disaster Management Agency officials and governors and mayors of affected areas.

In Hurricane Laplace, west of New Orleans, with the support of several helicopters, trucks and boats, members of the National Guard set out to rescue residents stranded in the water that day. Damage to the historic center of New Orleans, Louisiana’s largest city, was minimal, with some residents taking to the streets in defiance of orders from home officials to face the dangers of flash floods or electric shocks. According to initial estimates, insurers estimate that Ida caused $ 15 to $ 20 million in damage. After the tropical depression was pushed to a standstill on Monday evening, a hurricane pounded Mississippi, one of the poorest states in the country, and threatened with heavy rain.

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Thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate their homes on Lake Tahoe on the southern coast of California, the heaviest tourist area since the fire two weeks ago. The wildfire, known as the “Caldor Fire”, spread over 700 square kilometers, destroying hundreds of buildings and emitting dense smoke that caused massive pollution in Northern California. On Monday, flames continued to spread in the direction of South Lake Tahoe, a tourist town located on the shores of North America’s largest mountain lake, along the border with the state of Nevada due to wind and severe drought.

“Conditions and flammable materials are historically unprecedented,” fire chief Jeff Vic told the San Francisco Chronicle. But not today. “Caldorfire is one of dozens of fires in the western United States that have been hit by severe drought as a result of climate change.

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