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If a person appears, 11 signs that he is an addict.. I know from a psychiatric hospital in Sohak


The Psychiatric Hospital is one of the government hospitals in Sohag Governorate which has entered the process of refurbishment and renovation at a cost of about 70 million pounds to serve the people of Sohag as part of the development of the health system in the governorate. The governorate in particular and the people of Upper Egypt in general.

The importance of establishing these hospitals and specialized centers came to improve the health system and provide better medical care to the people of Sohaq in particular and the governorates of Upper Egypt in general. and equipment, indicating that it is a strong addition to the healthcare system in Sohac.

“The Seventh Day” provides the reader with very important information about the symptoms of drug addiction, which is one of the awareness methods that the hospital provides to the public to maintain health 11 presentations:-

1 – Denial: – It is denying the existence of things that actually exist.

2 – Inheritance: – This is true inheritance, not my right.

3 – Substitution: – It is the substitution of one place for another or substitution of one drug for another.

4 – Embarrassment: – Pleasing others at the expense of myself.

5 – Justification: – This is the connection between the two words “I pray and for”.

6 – Degradation: – From bad to worse?

7 – Isolation: – I sit in my body, but my brain is somewhere else.

8 – Loss of control: – Inability to control simple things.

9 – Lack of trust: – Loss of trust in myself and others.

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10 – Feelings of guilt: – difficulties – and self-flagellation.

11 – Moral decline: – Bad behavior derived from addiction.

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