June 8, 2023

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“If” encourages children to imagine feelings

Lorca Spetti’s “If It Were”, a children’s book published by the Kalimat Group, explores the shapes and smells of sensations. Illustrated by Francesca D’Ordo, Le Conn takes Rich on a journey of imagination, teaching him how to deal with negative emotions and sustain love in all its forms.

The book’s author, Lorca Spiti, is a storyteller who understands the importance of developing the creative minds of young children. Through her writing, she aims to help children develop their imagination, critical thinking and emotional intelligence. The book “If It Was” is a clear example of his commitment to this goal. This is what she clearly expressed in dedicating the book to “Love”, which “does not explain, but explains everything.”

On every page of the book, a deeply affecting sentence, despite its few words, represents a station where the reader ponders and swims in his imagination with those shapes and aromas chosen by the writer, making it a unique and creative approach to educating children and making them realize the value of positive emotions and the consequences of negative emotions. ; To realize that emotions are a normal part of life, it is important to learn how to deal with them in healthy ways.

“If It Were” book makes a concise and excellent curriculum for developing the senses of children of the age group (6+ years) as it helps them expand their imagination and creative ideas, and teaches them about shapes and smells. There may be feelings. Lorca Spetti’s dedication to developing children’s emotional intelligence is evident in every word of the book, and Francesca D’Ardo’s illustrations bring the story to life in a beautiful and educational way. From here, “If It Were” is an important reference for parents and teachers of children, as well as anyone interested in emotional well-being. For children.

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