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“If no one raised you, I know how to raise you.” Amar Adib and Mohammed Ramadan before the court


A South Giza court is hearing the first session of journalist Amr Adib’s compensation case against Mohammed Ramadan for £3 million, after a final judgment fined Ramadan £300,000 for insulting Amr Adib.

And the judiciary has set September 28 as the date to consider the case.
Earlier, the Economic Court fined artist Mohammad Ramadan £300,000 for allegedly insulting and defaming journalist Amr Adib, misusing social media and forcing him to pay £10,000 in civil damages.

The ruling in the case of Amr Ateeb and Mohammad Ramadan followed media reports in October that investigators had filed petitions against Amr Ateeb and artist Mohammad Ramadan for criminal contempt and defamation.

According to the “Egypt Times”, the investigation of the case concluded that the artist intentionally disturbed the Egyptian journalist by misusing communication devices.

The crisis started when Amr Ateeb attacked artist Mohammad Ramadan after he released a video clip of him throwing dollars into water on his show “The Story”. Egyptian pilot.

One writer criticized the “legend”: “Oh, Muhammad, we think that Moses, the professor (Number One) said to Pharaoh, angered a large number of people who loved him. Obviously, this man has become an enemy. How.. Oh (Number One), you have been for a year. You don’t notice that misfortunes are happening.

Ateeb added: “The people you provoked have forgiven you a lot. Every time something happens, they are not with you, they don’t mean it. But the problem this time is that people can’t bear it. God bless you, you still have money, you only have money. No. There are many people who have money to support you.” 100 times and they won’t do it.

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Muhammad Ramadan, unable to withstand Amr Ateeb’s attack, decided to confront him, so he released a video clip from the series “Al-Ostora” in which he pushed someone away from him and put the voice of Amr Ateeb. In the background, she responds to him with the phrase, “But, Dad.”

In turn, “Adeeb” considers Ramadan’s behavior as a major transgression and threatens to sue him: “If no one raises you, I know how to raise you, there is a law that applies to everyone in this country.. You are not good. We go to the courts and get our rights more than many.
He concluded: “I asked my lawyer to file a lawsuit against the artist Mohammed Ramadan, and I will donate the money I get from him to the children’s hospital in Abu Al-Rish… I’m not that type. He’s taking his rights for granted, and oh, oh, you.”

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