April 1, 2023

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Manal Salame: Actor has no natural age, art has no protection

Cairo: Fatima Ali
Egyptian actress Manal Salama, who expressed her happiness about the audience’s reaction to the role of Faiza in the series “The Original”, said that the nature of the character she presents does not belong to evil roles, as she is weak and only used. Manipulation method, but she cannot face it, and confirmed that she refused to participate. In the works of art directed by her husband Adel Ateeb, in agreement with him, his absence from the Egyptian theater for seven years represents a deep annoyance to her. For many years.He talks about his daughter Amira Adel Adeeb in the following conversation and affirms her talent and works to develop herself as a comprehensive artist and other details in the conversation with her.

  • First of all, how did you find the reactions for your role as “Original Faiza”?

– Amazing feedback makes me very happy, be it from visitors, colleagues, or my family. The work is guaranteed all the way to success, and it is executed with honesty, this honesty reflected in him and reached the audience, so he interacted wonderfully with him.

  • Do you see sites that pull the rug out from under the TV?

The sites have a very wide audience of different groups and classes, and when my husband, director Adel Ateeb, and I predicted the success of electronic sites almost 25 years ago, I did not tell a secret before they spread to the Arab world. Because it happened initially in Europe and America.

  • It’s noticeable that you like playing evil roles, so do you see yourself in them?

– I don’t play evil roles, but as an actress I have to deliver all roles and if I happen to present a particular role that I have delivered before, I make sure to deliver it differently than before. For example, in the series “The Family of Haj Noman” I presented an evil character in two parts, and then in the episodes “Besides Me” I presented the role of “fighting mother” as the character of “Faiza Al”. -Owsley”, she is not evil, but she is weak, she uses an unusual method to manipulate her sister “Fatima”, played by the artist Reham Abdel Kafur, but she cannot face her.

  • Wouldn’t you and your husband and director Adel Ateeb want to work together?
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In fact, for the entire year I worked in the art department, I agreed from the beginning to work away from my husband, the director Adel Adib, so that his husband would not say who gave him the big places or who was responsible. For his success, we broke the rule based on the recommendation of the late big star in the “Jabal Al-Halal” series. Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and the writer, Nasser Abdel Rahman, recommended me for the role as the role was similar. For me, but now, after all these years, if I am offered a suitable role in a production directed by Adele, I will present it, because I have established myself and become well known, and now no one can say who brought his wife. Or recommended her for a job.

Stay away from publication

  • How do you explain him not directing for seven years?

– The truth is that I was very upset, but Adel did not stop directing except in Egypt, but he directed plays in Algeria, Lebanon and Turkey during these years, but the conditions of the theater market did not suit him during this period. I was surprised that Adele is talented and she understands the production process and works hard and honestly, but we are playing a game based on many things, the most important of which is luck and success, but she is back. Last year gained strength with the series “Public Transport” and now he is in charge of directing the series “Hazrat Al-Omta”, which is scheduled to be shown in Ramadan, starring Ruby.

  • Being the daughter of a major theater director and later the wife of a major film director, why didn’t you get major roles early in your career?
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– As I said, I don’t want to believe in my father or my husband’s name, full heroism is not important to me, I only care about a good role in a good work, but there were works in which I played. Role played by character, for example, a role I gave in the series “Qasim Amin” was an actor “Princess Nazli”, and in the series “Mosharafa is a man for these times” most of the roles of my generation were group matches. The key is to reach a satisfactory outcome for everyone.

  • Is there a job you’ve accepted to attend?

– I don’t remember, but I say that my luck was good in my artistic beginnings until the form of drama or the age level changed. There is a certain situation where the artist cannot render certain characters, for example, a character is a university student or a mother. Now there is a confusing age in the drama that I have gone through until I get to play roles that suit my age and age.

Cinema comeback

  • What are the details of the film “Colors” and why did you choose to return to this film after so many years?

– The film “Alwan” is a short work of fiction that discusses the issue of alienation and raises an important question: Is alienation a homeland, or can I live in my home and feel alienated? And that is through two families, a Syrian family and an Egyptian family, and the whole story is human.

  • Is there a default retirement age for an actor?

– The actor has no normal age, as proof that talented actress Amina Risk, talented Laila Fawci and other adults and great professors gave wonderful artistic roles with great experience at the last moment of their lives, because art is the only profession without a normal life, in which there is no pension.

  • In your opinion, should the artist have another income since the art is not guaranteed?
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– Of course, it is desirable for the artist to have another income, because the profession has no security, today I will be the star of stars, tomorrow no one will recommend me for any role.

  • Did you or her father inspire your daughter Amira Adeep to enter the world of acting?

At first, I didn’t want her to enter the world of acting, not because the industry is bad, but because of the many difficulties she faces within the industry, the details of which I know very well.