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"If you don't like it, why bring it up?"  .. video

“If you don’t like it, why bring it up?” .. video

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Amir Bati wrote on Saturday, October 16, 2021 04:39 AM – Egyptian media outlet Amr Adif spoke about strange things at the opening ceremony of the El Ghouna Film Festival on Thursday evening because artist Mohammed Ramadan hosted the opening ceremony. Song.

Speaking on MBC Egypt’s “Al-Hekaya” show, Amr Adib said, “Every year the festival management has a festival song in the first year of the 3 beats that broke the world.

Adeeb continued, “Something very strange happened at the beginning of the party. They asked Yusra and Samih Savaris to say a couple of words about the party.

Adeeb added, “Mohammed Ramadan came with two singers, his name is stronger in singing a hundred times more than his name, he is strong in acting, to present Ramadan with announcer Talat Yusra and Samih before, they don’t know. ”

Amr Adi continued, “Suddenly Ramadan entered and sang the song” Joe Girls “, which had nothing to do with the festival. It was clear that it was a show that worked quickly, so it’s not good. . ”

The way Muhammad Ramadan was delivered and after 10 seconds the lamp was turned off and he said, “If you do not want to bring him, why not?”

Here are the details of the news that Amr Adi spoke about the strange situation at the El Ghouna festival due to Mohammed Ramadan: Give yourself everything new.

It is also worth noting that the original news was published and available Nord There is the editorial board Gulf 365 Make sure it is changed, and it may be completely changed or quoted from it, and you can read and follow the development of this message from its main source.

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