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Royal Institute for Studies calls for profound reforms in post-Corona world


The Royal Institute for Strategic Research has surprised the world with the new corona virus epidemic, which emerged in late 2019, with its magnitude and pace of spread, prompting the nations of the world to take drastic measures to control its spread as an unprecedented historical event.

“Towards a new world beyond Govt-19?” The company said in a recent strategic report entitled, “Measures taken by countries to combat an epidemic have exacerbated the health crisis because it has affected all aspects of life.”

According to the company, this situation has accumulated at the geopolitical, political, economic, social, social and environmental levels the changes and gaps that may occur in the future, which requires a major change because tomorrow’s world will definitely be different from today’s world.

This report focuses on the new vision of the world, the process of development, the placement of human beings at the center of the development process, and the rethinking of the relationship between man and nature, as well as communication and local and global communication.

The research firm stressed the opportunity to embrace this vision in downloading a new development model to implement large-scale reforms to improve the well-being of citizens, protect the environment and increase resilience in the epidemic world, especially Morocco. Of the national economy facing external shocks.

In the eyes of experts at the Royal Institute, getting out of the Corona crisis requires profound structural reforms, and the post-Covit-19 world is preparing to understand the current role through deep thinking, while anticipating the future is almost impossible. And difficulty in implementing appropriate public policies for the future.

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This is the sixth edition of the Institute’s series of reports entitled “Panorama of Morocco in the World” and is based on a perspective-analysis approach that follows three stages: understanding, predicting the future and making recommendations.

It is noteworthy that this institute is a research institute established by government mandate and in addition to its primary mission of strategic awareness, it is also a place to think about studying strategic issues that will have a strong impact on the future of the country. Understand developments in the global, regional and national context and anticipate risks and then propose appropriate general policies for stocks.

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