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If you have one of these symptoms, you are at risk of hearing loss

A free electronic app from the World Health Organization to first measure hearing and determine if a person needs further testing

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Dr. Shelley Sida, Technical Officer of the Department of Ear and Hearing of the World Health Organization confirmed that the ear is a self-cleaning organ and does not require the use of any tools to clean it. The ear can actually lead to blockage or inflammation.

In an interview on the “Science in Five” television episode hosted by Vismita Gupta-Smith, Dr. Sidda reviewed early signs of possible hearing loss or impairment, including not being able to hear someone else very clearly in a noisy environment. If he notices that he is constantly asking others to listen to him over and over again, like in a restaurant, or because of background noise, one should suspect that he may have hearing loss.

For example, if a person often has to turn up the volume when using a television set, radio, or telephone, or if others tell them they speak loudly, or when the person has constant ringing or ringing in their ears.

Also Dr. Sida advised that if a person notices any of these symptoms, it is important to get their hearing checked and measured as soon as possible, explaining that a person can measure their hearing by themselves and conduct an initial test using a free application. From those results, the World Health Organization, called “hearWHO,” will know whether the person needs further hearing tests.

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Dr. Shida explained that there are certain causes of hearing impairment or loss, for example, if a person has an ear blockage due to wax, it’s a mild blockage or if he has an ear infection or eardrum rupture, these are reasons for treatment. Medicine or surgery, but deafness or gradual loss. Many such cases cannot be treated, so better hearing is helped by using devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implants. , indicating that for these interventions to be effective, they must be initiated. soon.

Dr. Shida recommended regular hearing tests and monitoring for signs and symptoms of hearing loss, and hearing and ear protection first begins with realizing that the ear is a self-cleaning organ, so there are no cotton swabs or thin instruments. Sticks should always be used for cleaning, warning that these attempts can actually lead to ear blockage or eardrum rupture. In the same context, he added, one should avoid resorting to any home remedies like putting a few drops of oil in the ear.