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If you throw a ball up, it will return to the ground due to a force


If you throw a ball upwards, it will return to the ground due to its force It is one of the types of force, because all objects are affected by a force that contributes to moving or stopping them, or slows down or accelerates their motion, and throwing a ball upwards also contributes to a certain force. Let’s get to the bottom of it and learn what this power is and who invented it from this standpoint.

If you throw a ball upwards, it will return to the ground due to its force

If you throw a ball upwards, it will return to the ground due to its force GravityBecause gravity is an attractive force that acts in space, that is, gravity does not touch each other until it affects. For example, the Sun, millions of miles away from Earth, pulls the Earth, planets, and other objects in the solar system, and on Earth, gravity pulls objects. Earth’s center. towards, it causes objects to fall, and it also gives the weight of the body. Weight is the force of gravity between a measured body and the surface on which it stands, and if a person is standing on a scale, gravity pulls the person against the scale, so that the scale shows the person’s weight in the solar system. All Planets also move around the Sun in a fixed path or in a straight line, but gravity pulls them towards the Sun, while the speed of the planets in their orbits prevents them from falling into the Sun. .

Who discovered gravity?

English scientist Isaac Newton discovered gravity in the late seventeenth century, Newton concluded that the gravitational force between bodies depends on their mass, or the amount of matter they contain, and that the greater the mass of the body, the greater the gravitational force. For example, the Sun, which has a very large mass, has a stronger gravitational force than the Earth, which has a much smaller mass, even a dust has a gravitational force, but its gravitational force is very, very small; Gravitational force depends on the distance between two objects, and the smaller the distance, the greater the gravitational force between them. Isaac Newton explained gravity, motion, planetary motion, light and color. He discovered many things. Able to show things and how they work through experiments and mathematics, he is often referred to as the father of modern science.

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Newton’s laws

Over the years, Newton’s ideas were repeatedly tested, and scientists accepted Newton’s ideas about motion and called them Newton’s three laws of motion. The explanation of these laws is as follows:

  • Newton’s first lawA body at rest remains at rest, and a body in motion remains in motion until a force acts on it to change its state of rest or motion.
  • Newton’s second lawThe greater the force, the greater the acceleration and the greater the mass, the greater the force required to move the object. Two objects of different weights will require different forces to move, and will have different levels of acceleration.
  • Newton’s third law: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction in direction, and forces are always in pairs. If the forces are equal in two opposite directions, the body remains stationary, and the force cancels each other out. . It is zero, but if the force acting in one direction is greater than the force acting in the opposite direction, the object will move.

At the end of this article, we summarize the most important aspects of a ball since it is recognized that when it is thrown upwards, it returns to the ground with a force. learn

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