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France’s foreign minister confirmed its ambassador will remain in Niger, saying Russia “did not instigate the coup, but benefited from it”.


France again justified keeping its ambassador inside on Sunday Niger By refusing to recognize the coup, he indicated that the military regime that seized power at the end of July was demanding his departure, but he was bowing to pressure and ensuring its security.

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna told Le Monde newspaper that “he is our representative before the legitimate Nigerian authorities… We do not have to obey the instructions of a minister who has no legitimacy.”

Colonna added: “This explains why we have kept our ambassador. We are making sure that he can safely face the pressures of the coup plotters.”

In late August, the military gave French ambassador Sylvain Ayte 48 hours to leave Niger territory, which Paris rejected, insisting the new regime had no authority to make a similar request.

Colonna was asked about the fate of the Russian Wagner Group in Africa after Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian Wagner Group, and said that the group “suffered a great shock with the killing of its founders and some of its staff.”

He added: “But it is still too late to know what all the consequences will be. This group is characterized by complete ineffectiveness in fighting terrorism and jihadists, serious and documented violations, (but) other attempts to loot resources and (but) bad work for Russia should be expected. .” “If not in her name.”

Colonna also confirmed in the interview that Abderrahmane Diani, the leader of the plot, did not act on the orders of the Russian Wagner group, but that Moscow saw what happened as an opportunity to make gains.

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On the other hand, the minister confirmed that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is moving in the right direction, adding, “Ukrainians always say that they will launch their counteroffensive not in days or weeks, but in months. They themselves say that the activities are difficult.

“Despite this, Ukrainians are advancing, broken in some places. Before passing judgement, we must remember that they are the ones who fight and sacrifice their lives.”

Ukrainian forces have made an important advance on Russian defense lines in southern Ukraine, one of its military commanders announced.

France 24/AFP

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