March 29, 2023

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Discovery of a giant Earth around a "red dwarf".

Discovery of a giant Earth around a “red dwarf”.

JEDDAH – Nermin Al-Sayed – The Astronomical Society in Jeddah said the planet, called “Ras 508b”, is not Earth-like in temperature and is found in the habitable zone around a star. Areas where there is water.

The term “giant Earth” is used to describe rocky planets outside the solar system, but larger than Earth, the association said.

Discovered using a new technique to observe infrared radiation, the association revealed a surprise about the mass of the new planet, which is 4 times the mass of Earth.

Red dwarfs, such as Ross 508, a star about one-fifth the mass of the Sun, are small stars that represent three-quarters of all stars in our Milky Way galaxy.

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