May 17, 2022

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Igalo moved with "advice" ... the president chose the alternative

Igalo moved with “advice” … the president chose the alternative

Perigles Shamuska, a former youth coach who sees Nigerian striker Woodwin Ikolo’s decision to sell his contract for financial reasons, noted that the deal with John Marie to replace him came about by choosing the club’s president.

“Igor and Igalo were consulted about the exit issue, but I did not declare it at that time to protect the strength and unity of the team. It is better for me not to talk about it, it’s a point. Moving these two seemed like a financial thing because the financial advisor did not approve of me not selling.

The Brazilian coach continued: His replacement for Cameroon was John Marie, who was selected by the club president and management, who is a good player and experienced, but he has not played in matches for a long time, especially since last November. Undesirable purchase because it requires a player willing to participate directly.

Al-Faisali, last year’s Kings Cup champion, added: “My dismissal was a big surprise, and in my view and in my own eyes they continued to pay the same amount and I think I could not maintain the same technology. The position at the start of the league, which was the biggest challenge for me, was the biggest surprise for me in the semi-finals.

In his relationship with the club president, he replied: No problem with the club president, on the contrary, at all previous levels, his style and manner were clear to me, and the relationship was always open and professional and helped to resolve. Many problems in the club. The only problem I see with young people is austerity. In this situation the time I spend with them has lost the balance between production and results. This is the current status of the Al Shabaab club, albeit skills.

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