February 7, 2023

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Iman Al-Asi disavows the song “I am Tamam”: This is not my voice, my rights will be taken by law | News

Artist Iman al-Assi has threatened to seek legal redress after the release of Shaheen’s “I am Tamam” promotional song for “Force”.

Iman al-Assi, through the Stories feature of the Instagram processor, posted a picture of a page impersonating himself on the Facebook site, and one writer commented: “This is not my page, this song is not mine, thank you.”

Then she wrote: This page is designed to take advantage of my name and make people profit by lying. This song is not mine, nor is it my voice that I recorded with the company and the artist. I do not know who founded it. Sound in the video ..

Shaheen has released the song for the movie “Force” titled “Ana Dhammam” which is set to release in theaters on May 18.

Directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Zahar, Iman Al-Asi, Hussein Fahmi, Nihal Anbar, Ahmed Safwat, Malak Ahmad Zahar, Abed Anan, Pamela El-Kig from Lebanon and Salah Abdullah, Guest of Honor. Force movie starring Yusuf.

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