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American scientists: The dead hear you a few hours after you die


Numerous studies have been published from more than one British and American university, confirming that the dead ask us long hours after death, and according to information published by the Metro website, a study confirms that our brain continues to function when our heart stops beating. After that we have to work for a while, mainly to get stuck in our body.. And we hear around us.


Our brain continues to function for some time after we die, according to new research, according to Dr. Sam Burnia of the Stony Brook University School of Medicine in the United States. By examining cases of heart attack in Europe and the United States..

He emphasized that there was evidence that heart attack survivors could hear what was going on around them when they were “dead” before they were “resurrected.”“.

Dr. Bernia said Live Science: “Doctors and nurses see what is at work, describe the awareness of their entire conversations, and describe the visual things that happen, otherwise they do not know before the doctors.

In the medical field, it is customary to calculate the time of death when the heart stops beating. When this happens, the functioning of our brain stops “almost immediately,” Dr. Bernie said.The cerebral cortex of his brain, the “thinking area”, slows down and the lines work, but he says the brain cells will be active a few hours after the heart stops..

Doing CPR for someone with a heart attack sends 50% of the blood needed to the brain, which is enough to start its functions, says Dr. Bernie..

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“If you can restart the heart trying to do CPR, you will gradually start to regenerate the brain,” he added, adding that if you take CPR, brain cell death pathways still occur – it just happens. At a slower pace, a little. “

According to the newspaper, The sun British, life after death when you die “You know you’re dead because your mind is constantly working”, scientists say, new research suggests your consciousness continues even after your heart stops beating. We die when we die because our brain works to let us know what is going on around us.

Top medical professionals continue to disagree on what happens when humans die, and descriptive evidence of bright lights and flashes caused much controversy by “returning” individuals..

Experts have confirmed that our brain continues to function for some time after death, as a new study indicates that your consciousness continues to function even after your heart stops beating and your body movements stop functioning. Even if it is a short time after death, when your mind continues to function, you will not be able to move or respond to your surroundings..

The study found that survivors of heart failure knew what was going on around them ‘dead’ before they were ‘resurrected’.Also, most surprisingly, there is evidence that the deceased may have heard doctors say he was dead..

It is credible that the dead can hear their death.

Expert Sam Bernie stressed, ‘It all depends on the moment the heart stops. What happens to the brain after a person has suffered a heart attack – and how long the feeling lasts after death – can improve the quality of life and prevent brain injury during cardiac resumption.

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According to a report published by the University of British Columbia, hearing loss is widely believed to be the last strain of the process of death. Electroencephalography was used (EEG) According to Science Daily, measuring the response of a dying brain to sound can help family and friends find comfort in a person’s last moments.

It is widely believed that hearing loss is the last sensation of the process, and researchers at the University of British Columbia now have evidence that some people may be unresponsive at the end of their lives..

This study was recently published in the journal Scientific reports This is the first research to examine the feeling that humans hear when approaching death.

Using Electroencephalogram (EEG) It measures the electrical activity of the brain.Researchers analyzed data collected from healthy participants, while elderly patients did not respond when they were unconscious, from the same elderly patients. Patients received immunotherapy at St. John Hospice in Vancouver..

“In the final hours before natural death is expected, many enter a period of unresponsiveness,” says Elizabeth Blondon, a primary research author who holds a doctorate in psychology during the course of the study. “Our data show that the brain can respond to sound until the last hour of life, even when unconscious.“.

This new insight into the brain’s response to noise can help family and friends find comfort in their last moments..

The researchers monitored the brain’s response to those tones with an electroencephalogram and found that some dying patients responded similarly to healthy juvenile control – even if they were only a few hours away from death..

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“We were able to identify specific cognitive processes from regular neurological participants and elderly patients,” says Lawrence Ward, professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia.

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