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Imprisonment and fines are the penalty for exchanging pornographic material through “contact” applications (video).


Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif, Legal Adviser, stressed the need for individuals to be careful and considerate when publishing or republishing videos and photos they receive through social networking sites and applications such as “WhatsApp”. According to rumors and cybercrime law, when these clips contain pornography or affect public morality, unintentional liability, imprisonment and a fine of up to half a million dirhams.

Al-Sharif, as part of a series of episodes aired on Emirates Today’s sites, has warned of the dangers of exchanging pornographic material on “WhatsApp” groups or keeping it on electronic devices, in order to shed light on the newly released laws. Phones can happen between some friends, which is considered a punishable offense under the law, and individuals, especially young people, emphasize the importance of raising awareness when dealing with the virtual world because some of them are easy to send. Pornography to others invites individuals to maintain public conduct and morals, without awareness and awareness of the punishment involved.

Al-Sharif explained that pornography is the creation of a kind of visual, audio or textual image that aims to stimulate the viewer, listener, reader or intuition. Sexual activity, audio clip, magazine or book.Currently their competition includes blogs through social networking sites and information networking.

Al-Sharif explained what is meant by public morality, the term varies from community to community in its concept, and determines the surrounding environmental constraints, so we see it differently from one country to another, and often countries with which you associate it use the concept of religion and public morality. You see closely, public morality is accepted according to the customs and traditions of each country, and it is involved in many things in life and in everyday transactions. Individuals, and it is of great importance in shaping the behavior of the individual.

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He stressed the importance of defining restrictions and restrictions that define public morality, stating that individual freedom stops and ends whenever it touches the freedom of others. Do not contradict, and bigger crimes result.

The Emirati legislator worked to control this relationship in the world of information networks, and imposed prison sentences and fines of not less than 250 thousand dirhams and not more than 500 thousand dirhams or one of these two fines. The creator, administrator or supervisor of a website broadcasts, transmits, publishes, republishes or displays information about the web, pornography and public morals.

In the second paragraph of section (34) of the Rumors Act, anyone who manufactures, manufactures, manufactures, sends or stores with the intent of exploiting, distributing or distributing information through an information network will be subject to the same penalty. , Pornography, and all that prejudices public morals.

He stressed that the lawmaker would be tight-lipped if the pornographic content was childish or if the content was designed to appeal to children. 500,000 dirhams or one of these two fines.

To watch the video, Click this link.

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