March 23, 2023

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Emirates News Agency - Sharjah Police Participates in Sharjah Heritage Days Operations

Emirates News Agency – Sharjah Police Participates in Sharjah Heritage Days Operations

Sharjah Police General Command participates in the activities of the 19th edition of the Sharjah, 11 March / WAM / Sharjah Heritage Days, organized by the Sharjah Institute for Heritage from its headquarters in Sharjah last evening until March 28. The motto is “Inheritance and the Future”.

The Police Pavilion reviews the General Command of the Sharjah Police, established in 1967, and its first appearance under the name of Police and Public Security, as well as the site’s rich police tradition and successful security parade.

Maj. Gen. Saif Al-Zari Al-Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of the Sharjah Police, reaffirmed the General Command’s interest in attending this annual National Cultural Forum due to the generous interest and concern of Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of the National and Multinational of Sharjah, Nationalist Gravity. Visitors and those interested in the heritage of different ages and national races.

Maj. Gen. Al Shamsi lauded the efforts of the Sharjah Police Base and its officers, combining the past 50 years with the memory of the police, past, present and future, to enhance their continuity. Generations with those efforts taken to establish a well-established and advanced police and security system to achieve sustainable security.

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Al Tahouri, head of the public relations department for the media department that oversees the Sharjah Police Base, said the Sharjah Police Base takes visitors and interested people 50 years ago and introduces them to the beginnings of Sharjah. Since its inception, the police have used the instructions and collections used, as well as the official uniforms of police officers, both old and new, artillery with a display, especially the Sharjah and Saxon artillery, used in the past and at ceremonies with 75 pound artillery, and showcased many of the handicrafts and handicrafts on display. Produced by prisoners of the Penal and Correctional Institute, it covers aspects of the lives of fathers and grandfathers. The aristocracy and credibility of the past.

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Virtual reality technology has been introduced for the Sharjah Police Museum located in Masaloon and the Sharjah Police Platform allows visitors to wander around the museum and view the museum’s reserves in its various sections, reflecting the institutional growth. Structures for police units, criminal investigation systems, transport and communication systems, equipment and tools.

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