March 25, 2023

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Sociedad beat the big boys and take the lead in the Spanish league

Sociedad beat the big boys and take the lead in the Spanish league

Madrid – AFP
Despite playing in the entire second half with ten players in the ninth round of the Spanish Football League, Real Sociedad took the lead after leaving the tournament and its host Real Mallorca won by one goal.
The Basque club entered third place in the tournament, behind the poles of the capital, Real Madrid and the reigning champions, respectively, and with the sixth victory of the season, Lobetti took a three-point lead from the poles of the capital in the last minute, scored by a substitute Julen goal.
After defender Ihen Munos was sent off in the final seconds of the first half, Sociedad finished the second half with ten men, though they won.
At the request of the two capital clubs, the match between Real Madrid and Atletico was postponed to Athletic Bilbao and Granada, ensuring that Sociedad would exit the stage alone. They are interested with their countries in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.
It seemed that the Basque club would once again be satisfied with one point, in their last two matches in the European League “European League” group against Monaco at home in France (1-1) and then the league against local Getafe (even 1-1), but Lopete rewarded him with a deadly victory And suffered Mallorca’s fourth defeat of the season, so his draw was temporarily frozen at 11 points in the twelfth.
The podium opened with a negative draw between injured Lavender and Getafe on Saturday, with no wins so far, finishing first with five points in eighteenth and second with two points.

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