August 9, 2022

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Improving the health of Jalal al-Sharqawi, a corona sufferer … his son praying | News

Tamar al-Sharqawi, the son of artist Jalal al-Sharqawi, has called on the public to pray for his father, who has been infected with the corona virus.

Tamer al-Sharqawi revealed the improvement in his father’s health during a telephone interview with journalist Sheriff Amar on his “Walking in Egypt” show. He also said the situation was stable and moderately dangerous: “Carbon said, thank God, but he’s still in the breathing apparatus.”

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He continued that the lungs’ response was still weak and that there were problems with it, but that his faith in God was great, and called on all his lovers to pray for him and to respond to treatment.

Tamar al-Sharqawi explained that his father had been transferred to the hospital 9 days ago and that the visit was prohibited because he was alone in care.

Director Jalal al-Sharqawi has a long history in the arts, especially in the field of drama. He received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Ein Shams University in 1955, and a bachelor’s degree in 1955 from the Institute of Advanced Drama. He graduated in 1958 with distinction. In 1962 he became director and director of the Institute of Advanced Film Research in France.

Early in his career, Jalal al-Sharqawi served as a science teacher. In 1967 he became Professor of Acting and Director at the Theater, and Institute of Higher Drama, and in 1975 became Head of the Department of Acting and Direction, and in 1975 and 1979 the Dean of the Institute of Higher Drama. In the company since 2006.

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The most important plays he directed were “Dustur Ya Our Masters”, “Atiya Al Terrorism” and “The Story of the Western Neighborhood”. The play “The School of Reuters” is a symbol of Arabic comedy and is very popular. Work. He is the father of retired artist Abir al-Sharqawi.

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