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In a new report, Apple explains why Stage Manager is limited to M1 iPads

In a new report, Apple explains why Stage Manager is limited to M1 iPads

One of the key new features of the iPadOS 16 is the Stage Manager, which allows users to turn applications into interconnected windows for an enhanced multitasking experience. Stage Manager fully supports external display, allowing users to work with up to four applications on the iPad and up to four applications simultaneously on external display.

To the disappointment of some users, Stage Manager is limited to the latest iPad models, including the M1 chip, including the iPad Pro and iPad Air. In a joint statement with Rene RichieApple explained the reason for this limitation was that the Face Manager experience required “great internal memory, incredibly fast storage and a flexible external display I / O, all provided by iPads with the M1 chip”.

Apple’s full report Shared by Ritchie:

Stage Manager is a fully integrated experience that offers an all-new and incredibly responsive Windows experience that allows users to run up to 8 applications simultaneously across the iPad and provide an external 6K display. Users expect the iPad’s Touch-First experience, large internal memory, incredibly fast storage, and a flexible external display I / O to provide this experience with instant experience, all provided by M1 chip-equipped iPads.

For example, the M1 iPad Pro comes with up to 16GB of RAM compared to the previous generation iPad Pro with 6GB of RAM. Apple claims that the M1 iPad Pro 2x has faster storage than the previous generation model.

Although the stage manager is limited to M1 chip-equipped iPad models, the iPad 16 is compatible with all iPad Pro models, including the iPad Air 3rd generation and later and the iPad 5th generation and 5th generation. IPod mini and newer. The update is currently in developer beta, with Apple planning to release a public beta in July. The iPadOS 16 will be released to all users in September.

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