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In Canada .. dogs go to work with their owners (video)


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Daisy, a blonde Labrador, wanders the Tongston joint offices looking for something to eat or play. The Canadian company allows employees who worked from home during COVID-19 infections to bring their dogs and pets to the office.

12-year-old Daisy reveals this by waving her tail when visitors come to the company.

Next to her, Delila, a hunting dog with long, drooping ears, tries to attract some attention.

Other dogs, including the EV, the Gray Greyhound and the German Shepherd Hudson puppy, are being bred by the Canadian design company in Ottawa, which has about a dozen employees.

Daisy is an “integral part” of the company because her picture stands out with a small profile in the employee photos posted on the company’s website.

“Many of the ideas developed by Dave (McMullen, the deputy director in charge of designs) came up during a long walk with Daisy,” the dog wrote, adding that “the dog has nine years of experience in supporting the best designers,” according to Euronews. “.

Function return

“We encourage employees who have pets to come to the office,” company chairman Bill Dickie told AFP.

The 47-year-old manager continues, “The relationship between the dog owner and his animal is growing at home, but when a person suddenly returns to his workplace he must either put his dog in a kennel all day or leave him alone at home.” This thing is considered animal oppression.

He believes the Govt-19 epidemic has made companies more vulnerable to the problem of bringing pets into offices.

In the company kitchen, water bowls for dogs are lined up on the floor, with animals sometimes sleeping under chairs, chewing toys or running behind a rolling ball in company halls.

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Bill Dickie explains that adding the company name to the list affiliated with the “Human Community” organization that protects animals also includes companies that allow the presence of dogs, which increased the company’s business performance and the productivity of its employees.

A recent Pet Stuff poll indicates that one in two Canadians (51% of Canadians) support the idea of ​​bringing their dog to their workplace.

18% of employees aged 18-24 say that if the company they work for refuses to bring their dogs into their office, they will leave, and younger adults appreciate this advice.

As the number of Canadians adopting cats or dogs during epidemics has reached about two hundred thousand, business owners are being forced to tolerate their employees.

“Reduce work stress”

Some employees, including 29-year-old Johann von Hole, see the new policy as “a key factor in his decision to accept a job at the Tongston partnership last year.”

The owner of the FP, who is looking for a job at a “not big” company, told the AFP that “letting dogs in is a good indicator of the company’s culture.”

According to the Santos Bird joint venture, the developers of the Atomic Research Laboratory in Ottawa are thrilled to see the presence of ten-year-old yellow Yorkshire Terrier Samson.

The dog’s owner, Trevor Watt, did not want to leave his animal alone in his new home when it was time to return to work in January.

Bringing the dog to work should be a temporary solution, but the dog, adapting to office life, also won the love of the owner’s co-workers who walk with him.

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Trevor Watt says his dog “wants to come to work” and “doesn’t care about it.”

According to employer Byron Williams, raising a dog is a great way to “relieve the stress an employee feels after attending an important business meeting.”

However, having dogs in the workplace poses some challenges because there are employees who are allergic to animals or are afraid of them.

Samson is put under a bandage while a co-worker at work from Trevor, who is afraid of dogs.

Employees from other companies have expressed their dissatisfaction with the presence of dogs in the workplace for a number of reasons, particularly Agency France-Pres, especially as these animals leave traces on carpets, bark a lot, and shed their dandruff everywhere.


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