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Dubai Culture Displays Emirate’s Latest Cultural and Art Identities in the Arab Travel Market


As part of its efforts to promote artists and entrepreneurs from around the world and promote the Emirate’s position as a leading cultural hub for cultural tourism and support for the creative economy of the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Culture and Art Authority is showcasing the Dubai Culture. The Arab Travel Market is a leading global event for the travel and tourism industry during its participation in 2022. The Emirate’s latest cultural and art landmarks will be held inside the Pavilion of the Department of Economics and Tourism in Dubai. Dubai World Trade Center, package no. (11) Hall no. (3), May 9 to 12, 2022.
Participating in the “Arab Travel Market 2022” exhibition, Dubai Culture celebrates the Al Shindaka Museum, Dubai’s largest heritage museum, offering its visitors a trip to explore the hidden heritage of the beautiful past and see the pages. The museum’s wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. The Pavilion, in addition to the Children’s Pavilion, offers an interesting educational experience for their age group and other activities for all family members. The Al Shindaka Museum is scheduled to open in all its stages in the fourth quarter of 2022.

During a visit to the exhibition, Director General of “Dubai Culture” Hala Badri said, “Dubai Culture is keen to participate in the Arab Travel Market based on the importance of this event because it is an important platform that allows and promotes Dubai’s cultural identity in the presence of a large audience.” From various parts of the world, especially the Shindaka Museum, it is considered a center for preserving the cultural heritage of the region, which contributes to highlighting the fashionable face. Promotes its status as a global hub for the Emirate and culture, as an archive for creativity and a forum for talent, as well as promoting cultural tourism to the Emirate.
Badri added: “Dubai Culture takes the opportunity to celebrate the development, prosperity, culture and culture of artists, citizens and residents, in line with our strategic priority of supporting talents and providing innovative platforms to offer their creativity and new frontiers to global audiences. Emphasizes the position. ” It will attract artists, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. Dubai is the city that contributes to the creation of creative businesses within the Emirate, achieving the objectives of the Creative Economy strategy by making Dubai the capital of the creative economy by 2026.

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During the tour of the exhibition, Badri visited the sites of the Department of Economics and Tourism, the Dubai Police, the Directorate General of Residence in Dubai and the Abu Dhabi Tourism Department, Emirates Airlines and Abu Dhabi Tourism. And sites visited during the tour. Badri also toured the “Dubai Culture” pavilion, where he learned about an art exhibition organized by the authority in the VIP corner, which was attended by many Emirati artists and talented residents.
The exhibition features 4 original paintings and sculptures from the “Al Kharkor” series by Emirati artist Khalid Al Panna, whose idea along with the “Moro Collective” was inspired by the bright colors of traditional women’s clothing and Gulf fishing nets. Except for two paintings by Emirati plastic artist, photographer and sculptor, Mather bin Lahej; First, under the title “Khair Kalam Art” written in Mather’s handwriting, the artist deals with illustrations and enlightenment systems, creating a unique art form for translating such phrases into a new style and concept. According to a second painting entitled “The Benefit of the Earth”, Bin Lahej simulates the Earth using natural sand, briefly describing the human relationship with the Earth.
Dubai is a vibrant city that offers unique experiences to its residents and visitors to learn about its unique heritage and ancient historical origins through its many cultural events and heritage activities. “Dubai Culture” has evolved from its cultural responsibility and as a government agency entrusted with the Department of Culture and the Arts in Dubai, is committed to preserving, passing on and celebrating the solid and intangible cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Access to its wonderful vocabulary, and evokes feelings of pride and nationalism in their souls.

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