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In just 30 seconds .. 10 ways to entertain yourself


Experts recommend a number of ways to enhance the sense of instant gratification, add meaning to life or improve human skills even in the blink of an eye. You only need your choice.

Here are ways to take it with you wherever you are – at work, at home, outside or behind the wheel of your car.

  1. Take a deep breath

Rapid breathing Depression is just like any other illness which just needs full support from the family.

Exercises can help Deep breathingThis is done by deliberately inhaling slow and steady breaths and breathing slowly, which restores normal breathing patterns and reduces anxiety levels.

  1. If you think of an event that takes place during the day, it will be with gratitude

Thinking about an event that makes you feel grateful makes it simple and, for a few minutes, helps the brain deal with any negative emotion. Maybe you ate a delicious breakfast, enjoyed reading the newspaper or are still busy with your work. Feeling happy In the brain.

  1. Think of an incident that you did not encounter during the day

Try to think of bad things that you do not have during the day, e.g. You have not had a car accident, no one in your family has been sick, and put things forward.

  1. Smile

Many people think that Happiness It comes from the inside, not the outside. But instead, it can come from the simple actions you do, your deliberate decision to smile, for example, actually activates Chemicals in the brain Stimulate happiness.

  1. Call objects by their names
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Angry! Helpless! Sadness! Worry! These phrases that can describe your immediate feelings will immediately alleviate the negative effects of those feelings. Once you put a stamp on those feelings, you will change Nerve function The emotional part of the brain, the area that does the thinking tasks, makes you better at coping with your emotional senses and controlling things.

  1. Sitting in a healthy posture

Sitting unhealthy can cause negative emotional outbursts. Studies show that people who sit irregularly are more likely to experience bad mood, low self-esteem and low self-esteem than those who sit upright.

And the right sitting posture can cause a positive emotional state – like Feeling confident And a firm and happy mood.

Proper sitting posture helps keep your body healthy and prevents many health problems like neck, shoulder and back.

  1. Think about the small blessings in your life and their value

Psychologists confirm that appreciating the little things you experience in your life and even thinking about them for a few seconds is a good experience to avoid. Negative feelings Push yourself to think about more positive things, which help increase and regulate the hormone of happiness in the body.

  1. Evaluate yourself

If you focus on your strengths, you will greatly boost your enthusiasm. During the day, think of something you have already accomplished or managed, or focus on the good behavior or character you have expressed — starting a new project, making a phone call, or talking honestly with a colleague.

  1. Detection of positive substance in negative events

If you encounter a setback, you may find a quick way to turn it into a positive! Start thinking of regression as a challenge, not a failure. For the remaining 25 it will take five seconds or less. Start thinking about how to move forward and get out of the recession.

  1. Use a specific desktop image on your computer
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A photo of your family, travels or a favorite text will enhance your happy moments. A small space can be improved to enjoy a photo of the landscape Your mental health By lowering stress or blood pressure – as well as increasing your happiness hormone. Change it from time to time to prevent the use of a particular image that you have on your desktop.

When a person is controlled by negative things, he may lose his joy, happiness, good relationships and even a sense of humor. Enjoying and absorbing moments of happiness brings long-term benefits to the human brain.

Psychologists confirm that positive experiences and happy thoughts can develop Nerve centers They are new to the human brain and utilize it by imparting inherent strengths such as regression, gratitude, excitement and ultimately joy.

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