June 4, 2023

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Lukaku and Chelsea.  Mutual anger!  Al-Ittihad newspaper

Lukaku and Chelsea. Mutual anger! Al-Ittihad newspaper

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)

Romelu Lukaku, a Belgian player from Chelsea, suffered a muscle injury last October, following which he contracted the “Kovit-19” virus in December, resulting in a long “bench”. It didn’t like him, and it made him very angry, and made him go out to the media to talk about it. .
Lukaku missed several matches in October and November, and after recovering from injury, saw his health change from an undeniable key player to a “bench” friend, after which he contracted the “corona” virus and returned in December. Memories of scoring, so he scored 3-1 in Chelsea’s win over Aston Villa, and a 1-1 draw against Brighton.
But the real problem was that German coach Thomas Dச்சschel decided to change the way the game was played and adopted a different style, which affected Lukaku’s participation in the tournament, although the coach argued that his first goal was incomplete.

Lukaku denied this, and confirmed in strong statements to Sky Sport Italy that he was physically and technically ready and better than he had been before the injury.
He admitted to Sky Sports that he was unhappy and unhappy with his situation at Chelsea because Touchel chose to play in another organization.

Despite this, the historic Belgian national team goalie confirmed that he is a professional player and that he must continue to work without complaint, adding: This is a career I love, I always work hard and diligently, never give up.
Lukaku apologized to Inter fans for just leaving the team, noting that it was completely inappropriate, which irritated him.

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He added: “I know I’ll be back to Inter, and I’ll explain to the fans what happened to my exit from the club.”
But this aspect of Lukaku’s statements did not appeal to Blues fans, especially since he said he wholeheartedly wanted to return to Inter when he was at the peak of his career, not at the end of his football career. , Which some English press sources consider to be a compromise with The Inter fans, he regretted leaving, but he weakened his position in Chelsea and in front of the “Blues” fans.