April 1, 2023

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In support of Carlos Watten .. West Ham player under the eyes of the youth

In support of Carlos Watten .. West Ham player under the eyes of the youth

Free deal where Americans and English compete with young people

In recent exchange markets, Khalid al-Bolton has been successful; The president of the Saudi Al-Shabaab Club is betting on his contracts, including Fabio Martinez, Ever Paneka, Carlos Jr. and others who have been among the best deals in the Saudi league in recent years.

Currently, Al-Bolten is continuing his search in European stadiums for more stars, in search of a championship, after leaving empty-handed in recent seasons.

Former Dortmund player under Bolton’s eyes:

Despite the brilliance of the duo of Carlos Jr. and Hutton Bahpri, the Lewis boss wants to strengthen the team’s right lead in their presence.

According to the Ukrainian newspaper “Sport”, the capital club set its sights on the Ukrainian Andrei Yarmolenko; Right-wing West Ham United have announced that their club will leave the club later this month.

The newspaper pointed out that al-Shabab was detecting competition from emerging American and English clubs to include Ukrainians, but its target had not yet been determined.

Adding Yarmoyenko for the youth will only cost the player’s salary to the youth treasury, as he is a free player and the country has been trying in recent years not to burden the club’s treasury. Financial efficiency is high with the use of the certification system.

It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian player represented German Borussia Dortmund in the single season 2017-2018, before deducting four years of important post.

This season, Andre played 32 games in various games with the English team, 1036 minutes, he scored three goals and three assists.

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