June 6, 2023

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In the last interview before his death.. Muhammad Khanua: I tried to stop smoking and failed.

Al Arabiya.net

In his last interview, the late Syrian artist Muhammad Khanoua revealed his worst personal trait, the most beautiful memory of his life and the mistake of his life.

In his last video interview with an art site, he said that he tried to quit smoking but was unsuccessful.

She also mentioned that her wedding was the most beautiful memory of her life, indicating that she has decided to stop posting details of her personal life on social media.

The late star explained that the mistake of his life was not learning the English language, which means that he can no longer learn this language.

“I’m sorry to my father”

Similarly, he expressed his satisfaction with the word “sorry” to all those who were unable to ask him for service and help, adding, “If I have wronged my late father. Day.”

On an artistic level, he explained that the scene closest to his heart is the painting “Everything is Perfect”, which he collected alone with the Syrian artist Yasser al-Asma.

Notably, Syrian actor, Muhammad Khanua, died on Saturday evening, aged 49, after suffering a heart attack.

His departure came as a shock to Syrian and Arab art and popular circles, and numerous Syrian stars mourned him, led by Yasser, who wrote in a post on Facebook: “O my love, O Muhammad, may God have mercy. On you, we belong to God, and to Him we belong. Let’s go back.”

Muhammad Khanova was born on September 26, 1973 in Damascus. He is the son of the famous Canova family and late radio artist and director Maravan Canova. His family worked in the “Two Brothers Canova” band at the Tapas Theater. .

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The late actor began his artistic career in 1995 with the Syrian artist Yasser Al-Asma, and Mohammed participated in parts of the popular comic series “Mirrors”.

He is married outside the artistic community and has four children, Adnan, Marwan, Maya and Masa.