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In the pictures .. Funeral in the presence of artists to say goodbye to Zuhair al-Publi


Pictures taken by the “Sky News Arabia” website showed the decline Nevin ElbagauriDaughter of the late artist Zuhair al-Babli, Mourners tried to calm her down before the funeral began.

The flag of Egypt rolled over the Babylonian coffin, and before it could begin Final prayerThe mourners placed roses on his body.

Among the artists who attended the funeral, Khalid Al Nabawi Wafa Amar, Ahmed Badir, Jumana Murad, Yasmin Qayam, Ahmed Salama andTonia Samir Ghanem Hala Shiha, along with her husband, preacher Moyes Masood led the worshipers. Journalist Rami Ratwan also attended the funeral.

The actress revealed Esad Yunes, Which was a huge success in the series “Buckeye and JacquelineAl-Babli, who took part in the championship, expressed his regret for the departure of his “life partner”, pointing out that he was out of the country and trying hard to return to his country. Egypt To participate Babylonian funeral.

As mentioned by the actress Yusra It was not because of the circumstances in which she traveled to the funeral of the Babylonian body. And he wrote on his official page on Twitter: “(In which) one of the hardest needs to live in, he can not say goodbye to those closest to his heart (..) I love (so much)) I did not attend your funeral due to the circumstances of the shooting outside Egypt“.

Yusra described the late artist as “setting up al-Havanam”: “Welcome, dear and beloved Soska in my life and in the lives of all who know you. Congratulations to heaven and its bliss, Six al-Havanam.”“.

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Long history

Al-Babylon – who died Sunday after battling an illness – was famous for his many comedic roles in Egyptian drama and television, and mastered the color of comedy and drama, and he had a great balance. Cinema, drama and theatrical works of art..

Among her most famous works is the character “Pakiza al-Dharmali” from the 1987 series “Pakiza and Jaklol”, which tells the story of Pakiza who was surprised after the death of her husband al-Dharmi. Ashmawi, with her daughter Jacqueline, who was raised in poverty away from her wealthy father, and the events revolve around the structure of comedy..

On stage, al-Babli starred in two plays, which are considered the most important in the history of Arabic drama, namely “”Naughty schoolIn it he played the role of “Efat Abdel Karim”, a teacher who failed in many subjects and tried to evaluate high school students who did not respect their teachers, but eventually succeeded in achieving his goal..

In addition to playRaya and Sakina“, Along with the late artist Shadia, he played Sakina, and the late artist Abdel Monim Madbooli and artist Ahmed Badir participated in the championship..

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