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In the video .. Mohammad Apto apologizes to the fans of Talal Matha and Abu Bakar Salem


On Sunday, Saudi artist Mohammed Abdo apologized for his recent statements about the late artists Talal Mata and Abu Bakr Salem.

After congratulating Eid al-Fitr on the occasion of a video clip widely circulated on social media, Muhammad Abdo said, “Our Lord, have mercy on all our dead and deceased Muslims, and I especially mention my loved ones. , My friends and my teachers Abu Azil Abu Bakr Salem Balfaqih and our great teacher Talal Matah, the truth of those who shared my joys and my sorrows, I owe them a great deal because I lived among them and shared their joys. Tragedies. “

The Saudi artist added, “I apologize to them (Abu Bakr Salem and Talal Matah) and all their lovers and their families and families because in one of the Ramadan interviews, I hope for forgiveness and ask them followers, loved ones and fans to forgive me for that revelation Her style and presentation was this way only because it was art, and the interview was sharp, but she was tough, I admit it, and she went completely beyond the boundaries of her art of understanding people, I apologize to you and them, they were looking for excuses for me, and in our jokes , In mockery, God’s grace to all of them, God’s grace to all of them, the arrow of virtuous professors who did not defeat them, technically and morally .. Thank you, and among the winners.

Saudi artist Mohammed Abdo has apologized in response to a wave of criticism that has plagued him over his remarks, describing the tune of the late artist Talal Mata’s song as “stolen”. , And the late artist Abu Bakar considered that Salem did not leave a “national tradition” in art.

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Yemeni critic and writer Abdul Rahman al-Ghabri has launched a scathing attack on artist Mohammed Abdo, saying it was an “unfortunate fall” through “Facebook”.

Yemeni activist Rahma al-Akbari published an excerpt from the interview and commented: “From the words of the great Abu Bakr Salem Balfaqih, the opposite of friendship shows what time hides, no matter how challenging he may be.”

Another activist, known as “Mountain Russia”, said, “Muhammad Abdo, speaking in his absence, could not overthrow a great artist like the creative artist Abu Bakr Salem Balfakih from the throne of beautiful art.” He added: “Dead in Yemen and original art, Abu Bakr, a school of diamond throat, a wonderful performance, beautiful choices, a refined history and culture, discipline, modern art and manipulation.”

Yemeni journalist Abdul Aziz al-Sabri called on everyone to “listen to the patriotic songs that Yemen’s artist Abu Bakr provided:” Listen to two masterpieces, Abu Bakr Salem (Abu Dhabi, Yemen) and (Yemen’s Mother), Flying Voice, Curiosity, Love and Attention. ” Adding a note to “Facebook”: Abu Bakr Salem Balfakih sang his national anthem to his native Yemen.

The social networking site was buzzing with Abu Bakr Salem’s songs, a tribute to Abu Bakr Salem’s immortal art and music heritage, and Widad El-Badawy, head of the Cultural Media Center, wrote on his Facebook page: Not an artist because he is incomparably bigger. She added: “Above all, above all, an event that is bigger than the headlines and will never come back. This is proof that anyone who comes to the giant is too small and too small.”

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Yemeni critic and poet Muhammad al-Qubli pointed out that Abu Bakr “turns the night with his voice and spirit.” He said on his Facebook page: “Abu Bakr is a very meditative artist. He did not say that. Songs related to Yemeni meditation and peace. Abu Aseel’s performance was more than that.” Unique and special, especially those night songs, in which his acting was completely replaced by a lively bass voice.

He continued, “He was calm and with a tinge of sadness. He rose to captivate the soul in a strange and strange way. It seemed so emotional and emotional in the song (oh, lil, I complain) and in its old record.”

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