March 30, 2023

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A disappointing study ... Medicine could not cure the "chronic" symptoms of goiter

A disappointing study … Medicine could not cure the “chronic” symptoms of goiter

As corona infection has increased again in some countries, it has been re-emphasized Responsible health professionals should take precautionary measuresTo deal with potential waves of eruption.

As the world enters its third year with the virus, the number of infected people worldwide has reached 425 million, and researchers estimate that 10 to 30 percent of them may be suffering from “chronic corona” symptoms. Months after infection.

In this context, a research paper was published in the “New England Journal of Medicine” by Stephen Phillips, Vice President of Science and Strategy for Covid Joint Experts, and Michelle Williams, Dean of the Harvard Sun School of Public Works. Health.

“A group of patients with (long-coveted) symptoms will have a difficult and painful experience in our diverse health care system focusing on each individual organ in light of the complex and awkward clinical presentation,” they said.

According to Asharq Al-Awsat, the American media reports that the epic story of the suffering of a young American woman, Lindsay Bolega, with the “coward” shed light on the failure of the American health system for many patients.

Two years later, with three Govt-19 infections, and going to 11 doctors, no one has figured out why Lindsay Polica is still sick.

Lindsay is 28 years old and had no health problems before the virus struck, but the young woman, who graduated from law school last year, now suffers from chest pain, high blood pressure, hand numbness and many other symptoms. .

His life changed as a result of a series of doctor appointments distributed in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. The primary care physician referred her to an immunologist, who referred her to a cardiologist, who referred her to a urologist and another to an endocrinologist.

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The latter realized that more information could be obtained from the neurologist, but as the neurologist’s tests failed to identify the cause of Lindsay’s serious illness, he returned and referred her to the immunologist.

At one point, one of her doctors, stunned by her medical condition’s condition, advised her to isolate herself at home in the hope that it would help her avoid germs.