January 30, 2023

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In the video .. Three deals in the news of Jamalek, Ramadan Sophie and Mido

In the video .. Three deals in the news of Jamalek, Ramadan Sophie and Mido

Hossam Al-Mandu, a member of the Jamalek Club Executive Committee, received the League Shield for Jamalek at the last Al-Ahly Bank match in the Egyptian Premier League, the White Knight officially crowned Military Production Tournament.

Al-Mandu added that after the match between Jamalek and Al-Ahly Bank, the announcement of new contracts will be made after the end of the full season and more than one contract will be announced by the Football Committee in conjunction with some players.

Three contracts in Jamalek

French coach Patrice Cartern has asked club officials to sign three new contracts in preparation for the new season. These deals came in three stages on the field. Attacker.

Mido’s message to the Jamalek players

Former star of the Egyptian national team and Jamalek Club, Ahmed Hosam Mido, The celebration of Jamalek players does not apply to the values ​​and policies of the club, which refuses to offend others in any way.

Mito rejected the expression of the enemy or his fans during the celebrations that began yesterday after the victory of the military production team because it does not apply to the values ​​and principles of the Jamalek club and the Jamalek players have the right to celebrate the league championship in any way, but without addressing others, especially the rival.

Ramadan Sophie deal

Rumors circulating on social media that Hussein Labeeb, chairman of the Jamalek club’s board of directors, has signed the star of the White Fort Egyptian national team and the pyramid club Ramadan Sophie, have added value to the ந 45 million deal to join the White Knight during the current summer transfer.

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If Jamalek succeeds in signing Ramadan Sophie, he will be a huge addition, as he is currently one of Egypt’s most important footballers, and his joining will be an important addition to Egyptian football.

Jamalek’s leader explained that the club did not want to include Ramadan Sophie, but so far no official talks have been opened with his club, so Jamalek’s values ​​make it mandatory to negotiate with the pyramids to acquire Ramadan Sophie. Or Abdullah al-Saeed.

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