March 25, 2023

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In the video .. Today is Wednesday, the price of the dollar at the National Bank .. The pound annoys him and shows his tongue

In the video .. Today is Wednesday, the price of the dollar at the National Bank .. The pound annoys him and shows his tongue

Today, Wednesday, September 29, 2021 the dollar recorded stability against the pound in Egyptian banks and the banking market, and its price at the central bank was 15 15.66 and விற்பனை 15.75 for sale.

Content Plus offers its readers a number of services, including a currency rates issuance service, which will be updated immediately if prices change, and we will now learn about the average price of the dollar today and the prices of foreign currencies.

Today, Wednesday 29 September Dollar Price:

The dollar is valued at around .6 15.66 for buying and. 15.75 for selling at the Egyptian Central Bank.

And the dollar at the National Bank reported. 15.64 for buying and .7 15.74 for selling.

The dollar was trading at. 15.65, and. 15.75 at the Bank of Alexandria.

The dollar price at Bank to Cair is .6 15.66, and விற்பனை 15.76 for sale.

The price of the Bank Misril dollar came to around. 15.64 for a buy and .7 15.74 for a sale.

Dollar price at Commercial International Bank, .6 15.66 for purchase and .7 15.76 for sale

The dollar price at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank was 15 15.68 for purchase, and .7 15.76 for sale.

Foreign exchange rates at Al-Ahly Bank today, Wednesday:

Against the Egyptian pound, the price of the Saudi riyal was stabilized at 17 4.17 to buy and 19 4.19 to sell.

The euro exchange rate also depreciated against the Egyptian pound, buying 18 points at 18.23 and 18.40 against the pound at 18.25 and 18.42 yesterday.

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Against the Egyptian pound, the exchange rate of the pound sterling fell to 21.12 pounds for buying,. 21.33 for sale, நேற்று 21.40 for நேற்று yesterday and .5 21.59 for sale.

The Kuwaiti dinar exchange rate varied, registering at .2 49.27 against the Egyptian pound, and closed at .2 52.24, compared to its price of .2 49.29 and .2 52.26 yesterday.

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