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Arabian Riviera..A Qatari island with a European character will take you to another world


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – “Qatar is a small country, but it is a very beautiful place. The country has grown rapidly in the last five years because the 2022 World Cup is coming soon,” said the Indian content creator. Letia Ibrahim, along with her husband Robin Corinne, has been a YouTube channel for 7 months, highlighting the most beautiful tourist sites in the country.

Pearl is one of the tourist attractions in Qatar and they are definitely recommended to visit (Watch the video above)!

According to the Qatar Foreign Ministry’s website, Qatar’s Pearl Island is a man-made island located on the west coast, and is lined with Marina boats and tall residential towers, villas and hotels lined up in the Middle East Marina style, as well as luxury brand stores and exhibition halls.

Qatar Pearl is considered to be the most attractive place for visitors because it is called the “Arab Riviera” because of its luxury and elegance.

According to the Pearl Qatar website, the artificial island was created on an area of ​​4 million square meters of reclaimed land about 350 meters from the west bay of Doha.

Pearl-Qatar is divided into 10 distinct regions, geometrically and inspired by the most enchanting cities of the Mediterranean. What are the most important?

Pearl-Qatar beating heart

Central City The Pearl-Qatar has a vibrant heart and a service center with low-rise buildings in the Spanish style.

Venice meets glamorous Arab elegance

With the colors of Venice, the canal is carefully designed around Cartier canals and pedestrian squares, and the area is located close to the coast.

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Riviera lifestyle

Porto Arabia is a modern place with Mediterranean architecture that reflects the feel of the French Riviera with its open-air shops, overlooking the largest award-winning marina in the state of Qatar.

Pearl-Qatar is a key brand with smart and sustainable properties and offers a diverse mix of residential models, in addition to shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Ibrahim recommends visiting this place between the months of November and February so that you can avoid the country humidity in summer.

The video clip was praised by many of Ibrahim’s followers, who encouraged him to visit the island due to its lively environment.

Of course, for a moment, you will forget that you are in a desert country, and your eyes will wander between the streets of the island and its European buildings.

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