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In the video .. World champions compete for squash in the Republican Championship in Madinat .. and compliments for the organization and technical level of the competition.


The Republic Open Squash Championship “Men and Women”, run by the Madinat Sports Club in association with the Dalat Mustafa Group, sees great competition among participants who appreciate the organizational and technical level of the competition, with its overall prizes even higher. Over 60,000 pounds.

Republic Squash Championship in Madinat

Activities on the first and second days of the tournament saw fierce competition from players in the top ten in the world, where more than 128 players and 32 players took part in the tournament, led by Ali Farak, a player from Wadi Tekla. Second in the world rankings, the club that won the “Optasia” squash championship. , Praising the size of the organization, said it was not the first time Madinatty had participated in the championship at club grounds. He took part in the league championship at the club’s stadiums three years ago, and the organization was at an all-time high.

Republican Championship for squash in Madinat (2)
Republic Squash Championship in Madinat

For his part, Nooran Koher, a player at Wadi Tekla Sports Club and second in the world, said that the Madinatty Club provides all the necessities for such important competitions and is highly qualified to host events at the highest international level. Grounds that meet standard requirements.

The Madinatty Sports Club is the latest and largest complex of squash courts in Egypt, comprising 11 courts (10 sub-courts and a glass main stadium with a capacity of 500 spectators). This campus caters to all the needs of all sports components. Terms of dressing rooms, lecture halls and press conferences.

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The squash court complex in Madinat is of great importance locally and internationally as it has previously hosted many international and local tournaments with Arab squash, such as the Republican Championship, the General League Championship and the Madinat International Championship. The Federation, and the first local championship for pioneers, inspired the International Squash Federation, which praised the campus for its design in line with international standards.

Tariq Momen, a player from Al-Jazeera, ranked fifth in the world, explained that major tournaments could only be held in four glass stadiums, and that such stadiums were not widespread in Egypt. Will be conducted in the future.

Wadi Degla’s player Hania Al-Hamami, on the other hand, ranked the Madinat club as one of the best clubs in the Republic, ranking the world’s No. 3, while Fares Desouky, the seventh player in the world’s world’s sporting and hosting venues. , Confirmed that this is the first time in which he sees grounds of this size in Egypt, emphasizing the same meaning. Lake Bull Sporting Club’s Omar Masad, ranked 22nd in the world, said there was fierce competition among all players to win the championship.

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