January 28, 2023

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Including alcohol..Manchester United coach threatens his players with list of banned substances

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Manchester United’s new coach, Eric Ten Hoag, has been threatened with threats to his players if they don’t obey his instructions, English reports have revealed.

According to the English newspaper, “Mirror”, Eric Den Haag gave some instructions to the players of Manchester United and demanded to implement them, otherwise he will exclude them from his accounts.

The newspaper said Tin Hagg had instructed Manchester United players not to be late for training or technical meetings and not to drink alcohol during matches.

Regardless of the name of the offending player or his position in the England squad, the Manchester coach confirmed to his players that his decision applies to all.

Also, the English newspaper pointed out that Tin Hock asked his players to warn them against leaking team information to the media instead of going to their commercial agents if they had any problems.

The newspaper pointed out that the coach aims to implement a special system that will guarantee the commitment of all the players, and the control of the dressing room, to achieve great results in the new season and return United to its glory.


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