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Industrial areas in the emirates are an ideal environment for investments


Dozens of industrial zones in the country’s various emirates enjoy special advantages and provide an environment that attracts capital and skills from around the world as they offer logistical and administrative facilities to investors. Development of infrastructure and better environment contributed to attract new industrial investments to industrial zones.

In this context, Dubai Industrial City, Jebel Ali Industrial City, Ras Al Khor Industrial City and Al Quoz Industrial City stand out in this context. In Abu Dhabi, there are the Khalifa Industrial Zone “Gizad”, the “ICAD” Zone and the most important industrial zones of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Industrial City.

Sharjah has 33 industrial zones with the latest facilities and consists of two main areas namely “Emirates Industrial City” and “Al Sajah Industrial Oasis.” In Ajman Emirate, Ajman Industrial Zones 1 and 2 play. Playing an important role in attracting investments is the Al-Hulaila Industrial Zone, which is linked to the Ras Al-Khaimah Economic Zones Authority (RAKEZ), and the Fujairah Emirate also hosts the Al-Hail Industrial Zone.

Many experts and officials in the industrial sector confirmed that the UAE was one of the first countries to invest in the Industrial Zones system, and they pointed out that the Industrial Zones were successful in cementing the UAE’s position on the global economic map.

Integrated economy

Khamis Juma Buamim, chairman of the Dubai Council for Maritime and Maritime Industries and chairman and CEO of KBI Emirates Group, confirmed to Al-Bayan that industrial zones in the emirate are an integral part of the integrated economy. Industrial zones in the Emirates are home to thousands of factories in a variety of sectors, from manufacturing to logistics and business services. Starting from beverages, water and complementary industries to heavy, defense and other industries, industrial zones embrace national industries, he emphasized.

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He pointed out the importance of maritime and naval industries as a key part of economic diversification.

He said: Special industrial zones in the UAE are distinguished by their strategic diversity to meet all needs.

He said the UAE has great diversity in traditional, mainstream and renewable energy sources such as industrial chemicals, minerals, raw materials for gas and petrochemical industries. United Arab Emirates.

33 regions

Mohammed Juma Al Musharraq, Executive Director of Sharjah Foreign Direct Investment Office, said 33 industrial zones in Sharjah, including two major zones in Emirates Industrial City and Al Sajah Industrial Oasis, have been connected with the latest facilities. zones, and research and science campuses in technology and innovation, with 35% of factories in the UAE located in Sharjah. Sharjah has 20,000 factories, which indicates promising and great opportunities for the emirate’s industry, as the emirate offers supportive infrastructure and legislation in line with the UAE’s integrated economic structure, including a strategic location and several ports. together in the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. He pointed out that the UAE offers an exemplary and pioneering business environment, and offers a wide array of capabilities, incentives and financial solutions to ensure sustainable growth.

Al-Mushreq told Al-Bayan: After improving the infrastructure and industrial environment in the emirate, we look forward to attracting new industrial investments in Sharjah as the renewal of industrial licenses in Sharjah saw a significant increase of 7% in 2022 compared to 2021. According to Sharjah Foreign Direct Investment Office data, 2401 licenses have been registered in various industrial sectors. The growth rates of industrial license rates cover various sectors and sectors, particularly: petrochemicals, plastics, metal manufacturing, textiles, printing, packaging, food processing and auto parts, indicating that the industry is the second largest contributor to GDP. The Emirate of Sharjah’s product, at a rate of 16.7%, this growth in license renewals enhances its contribution to the economy of the Emirate and the UAE and supports its position on the map of attractive destinations for investment in the region.

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Exceptional organization

Sharif Al-Awadi, Director General of the Fujairah Free Zone Authority, told Al-Bayan that thanks to the leadership’s brilliant vision, the UAE has become one of the world’s leading business environments that support growth and adaptability. Economic Activities and Doing Business. Opportunities and Incentives for Foreign Direct Investment. The Government of Fujairah, through its institutions, has provided flexible economic and operational structure and quality facilities to establish and establish industrial projects and ensure their expansion and growth.

The Fujairah Free Zone Authority was established as a result of efforts to restructure the port of Fujairah, as the port gained special importance as a major container terminal from the eighties and nineties of the last century and expanded into petrochemicals. Thanks to national consolidation and becoming the second largest hub for supplying fuel ships to a global and logistical hub for the energy sector. To enhance its contribution not only to the economy of the Emirate of Fujairah, but also to the economy of the UAE.

Masses of competition

Hamad Al-Awadi, an economist, businessman and former member of the Abu Dhabi Chamber Board of Directors, believes that the UAE is one of the first countries to invest in a multi-modal system in special industrial zones. He explained that the beginning was with free zones such as Jebel Ali and Port Rashid, and with the development of the global economy, the UAE pioneered the establishment of successful special economic zones.

He said: Industrial zones benefit from the country’s unique location as the meeting point of eastern and western markets. He added that the industrial zones have put the UAE on the global economic map and strengthened economic and political ties with various countries of the world.

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Explaining that industrial zones play a very important role in attracting investments to the country, he pointed out that UAE industrial zones are inclusive of all these and have competitive advantages over countries in the region.

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