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Industrial Partnership between the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan … A Map for Arab Integration (Special File)


The industrial partnership between the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt has become a strong step in the right direction towards sustainability in many sectors, especially in industry.

Road map for the dream of Arab integration

Last Sunday, the agreement was signed in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Minister of Presidential Affairs Sheikh Mansour bin Saeed Al Nahyan to announce the Integrated Industrial Partnership Initiative for Sustainable Economic Development. , And Jordanian Prime Minister Bishr al-Qassavne.

The objectives of the “Integrated Industrial Partnership for Sustainable Economic Growth” are in line with the UAE’s “Fifty Principles”, which follow a focused approach to building the world’s most vibrant economy.

The partnership was signed by Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology in the United Arab Emirates, Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry in Egypt and Youssef Al Shamali, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply in Jordan.

The United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt share extensive histories of economic, political and social relations.

Integrated industrial partnership for sustainable development is also a continuation and development of those relationships, and this partnership is an opportunity to continue to explore partnership and joint investment opportunities in key areas of common interest.

The initiative aims to harness the integration areas between the skills, competencies and experiences of each of the three countries in developing world-class competitive industries, providing employment opportunities of economic value, and developing joint ventures. Is moving towards the future, as well as ensuring self-sufficiency and food security.

The United Arab Emirates has announced that it will, for its part, set aside $ 10 billion in investment funds managed by ADQ Holdings to invest in emerging projects in partnership with Egypt and Jordan.

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The partnership includes investing in 5 joint venture sectors to promote economic development, industrial integration and integration of value chains between the three countries.

Integrated Industrial Partnership enhances efforts aimed at reaping key benefits and priorities in these countries, and enhances industrial sectors that are eligible for integration, leading to strengthening cooperation in key sectors and fostering competitiveness, especially in the context of intergovernmental agreements. Three countries.

The partnership is represented by 5 common strategic goals that pursue sustainable growth, the achievement of secure and flexible supply chains, the development of world-class competitive industries, and the enhancement of value-added manufacturing sectors. And the integration of value chains and trade between the three countries.

The combined GDP of the three countries in the Middle East and North Africa is $ 765 billion, exports $ 419 billion, and imports $ 380 billion.

Agriculture, food, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, textiles, minerals and petrochemicals are the main areas of general interest.

The dimensions, content, objectives and expected outcomes of the integrated industrial partnership between Emirates, Egypt and Jordan are beyond the production aspect, although it is linked to supply chains and seeks to achieve local surplus. The three countries cover thousands of jobs and technological exchanges, as well as many social and intellectual aspects such as achieving sustainable economic growth. Priority and added value to the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan.

All three countries make up 26% of the population in the Middle East and North Africa, with a population of over 122 million, of whom 49% are youth, i.e. have a large market and young employees.

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These countries are characterized by a developed logistics infrastructure that includes strategic transport corridors such as airports, ports and the Suez Canal, and specialize in areas where smart financing solutions and national institutions are the main focus. Collaboration.

In light of the rapid changes the world is seeing today, it is creating shortages in the supply chains of food and medicine, especially after studying the Kovit-19 epidemic and the subsequent Russian-Ukrainian crisis, which all three countries are looking at. It is an advanced and concurrent step to strengthen joint Arab action, which the United Arab Emirates considers to be one of the country’s goals over the next fifty years.

This partnership enhances the efforts of the three countries in tackling the challenges of the food crisis, while at the same time being an advanced and effective step at the level of Arab solidarity and a source of greater presence and influence for the three countries in many fields. The strategic dimension, in addition to the great impact of the partnership in supporting and strengthening the social aspect by creating direct employment in all three countries, is that the partnership is an advanced step towards strengthening cooperation between them. , After advancing in many fields.

The agreement focuses on the most important sectors that are directly related to the daily living needs of the three countries’ population. Production of fertilizers and fodder, alternative medicines and active pharmaceuticals (raw materials), as well as clothing, textiles and other sectors in line with the development of the dairy, meat, poultry and food processing and manufacturing projects.

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Partnership derives its strength from the political, economic and social capabilities of member countries, which are committed to integrating their capabilities and investing their various capabilities to face what is happening in the region, and moving from industry to a new phase. Sustainable development in various sectors.

There is no doubt that the growing joint capabilities of the three countries will enhance their regional and international presence as a key partner in various events and developments, especially in the Middle East. Contributes to increasing the influence and presence of the three countries in the global market, depending on the diversity it offers in terms of capabilities, experiences and diversified investment options.

The partnership, through the jobs and jobs created in many key sectors, plays a key role in strengthening the structure and backwardness of the communities of the three countries, with a total population of about 122 million, almost half. Who are the youth.

Major projects implemented under the partnership will support efforts to localize industry and agriculture and contribute to increasing the level of local production in the signatories, which will help increase production and reduce imports, thus saving large budgets. Allocated for imports used in other areas to improve the quality of life of citizens.

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