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Insight work for Mars will be completed later this year


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The US space agency NASA is expected to complete its mission to the surface of its Insight Lander Mars by the end of the year.

“NASA’s Insight Mars exploration project is gradually losing power, and is expected to complete its scientific operations later this summer,” NASA said, adding that the Insight team expects the study to be “not working” by December.

The space agency said the spacecraft’s solar panels were producing more and less energy.

“Power is declining at current rates and non-seismic intelligence devices will rarely be operational after the end of May,” he added.

From that point on, Insight could take some pictures and interact with Earth, but is expected to stop responding in December.

So far, the standard study has detected more than 1,300 earthquakes and identified earthquake-prone areas on the Red Planet.

Insight arrived on Mars in November 2018 to study seismic waves to learn more about the planet’s interior, which helps scientists better understand how planets form.


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