Director Wis Miller intensified security precautions while filming new “action” scenes alongside the murder of the Rust photographer and the director’s injury in “A Day to Die” starring Bruce Willis and Egyptian star Mohamed Kareem. The fire, which was accidentally made by actor Alec Baldwin while filming the filming scene, prompted several films to increase safety precautions and take action to prevent a recurrence of such a tragic incident, especially in light of the unprecedented challenges that shocked Hollywood filmmakers. World cinema is confronted by the corona virus. The makers of A Day to Die took precautions to ensure that the process of filming “action” scenes took place safely without making any mistakes, especially those owned by high-budget American “action” films and involving multiple shootings. The scenes are evident in the behind-the-scenes images of the film. The film is scheduled to release next year in 2022 in US theaters and theaters around the world. A Day To Die Vertical Entertainment, directed by US director Wis Miller, co-produced by Capstone Group, Andrew von Ten Howe and others with Rob Berry and Scott Mallace. Mohammed Kareem has previously presented a film in Hollywood, “A Score to Settle”, in which he co-starred with international star Nicholas Cage, which has been a huge hit in theaters worldwide and is currently on global digital platforms. The film revolves around a former criminal organization. “A Score to Settle”, written by John Stuart Newman, was directed by Shawn Coe and starred Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage.