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International companies stop their business in Russia


Several international companies have announced that they will suspend their business in Russia from yesterday due to Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, Reuters tweeted in a tweet via its Twitter account about the imposition of new US sanctions, and a Ukrainian official explained to the company. Plans to burn the support of companies.

Forbes has released a list of companies that have joined the list of activities that companies in Russia are suspending and restricting, including companies in various sectors such as “Netflix” and Spotify to join the list of emerging companies such as “Dell”. , “Google” and “Spotify”. Ford »and other international companies in various fields such as apparel, technology and applications.

Sports Department

Following FIFA and UEFA’s ban on the Russian national team from competing on Monday, EA Sports announced on Wednesday that it had begun removing the Russian national team and Russian clubs from its video games “in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.” . Nike explained on its Russian website that the company had stopped buying goods online in Russia and sent customers to local Nike stores because it did not guarantee delivery to customers in Russia. Its partnership with the Russian Football Confederation, with immediate effect, halted the multi-year partnership between the football project and Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturer.

Car and Airlines

Honda has stopped exporting its cars and motorcycles to Russia due to difficulties in shipping and payment, a company spokesman told Reuters. Ford has announced that it will park its commercial vehicle, the JV, in Russia “until further notice”. A BMW spokesman confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that Boeing on Tuesday condemned the occupation and spare parts for Russian airlines, saying “the company will be suspended until further notice until further notice of our domestic production and exports to the Russian market.” And made it clear that it had suspended key operations in Moscow with technical support services. Office in Kiev, according to Politico.

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Technology and applications

Google has removed RT and Sputnik applications from its Play Store, according to Reuters’ The Wall Street Journal, Dell has suspended sales of its products in Russia. Technology company Oracle tweeted on Wednesday that it had “already suspended all operations in the Russian Federation”. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov has publicly urged the company to suspend trading in Russia “until the conflict is resolved”.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Snapchat’s parent company Snap confirmed that the social platform has stopped advertising in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, pledging $ 15 million to companies that will stop advertising sales in Russia and Belarus and help those in Ukraine.

Meta executives made it clear on Tuesday that Russian state media posts will no longer be recommended to users through the Facebook algorithm feature, or that they will soon be available on Instagram, just days after the company announced that it had blocked access to Russian state media accounts, according to The Verge. In Ukraine, the Russian state has banned the media from running advertisements and making money from their accounts, and has removed posts related to false information propaganda targeting Ukraine.

ExxonMobil announced that it was withdrawing from a joint venture with Russia’s Far East island of Sakhalin and would not invest in other projects in the country after the invasion of Ukraine, which “violates the territorial integrity of Ukraine and endangers its people.”

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